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Wiegraf: Have you ever wondered about what the best way to train your characters is? I'm sure you have, as I and probably everyone else who has played Tactics Ogre long enough to care have. This area of the guide is dedicated to that very concept--determining a way to develop better characters for your team.

Chris: Given that I'm an educated man, it should only seem natural that I try to use some of the stuff I've learned in my classes to analyze the training situation. I've managed to put together a mathematical model with Microsoft Excel to aid us in our efforts. This model is a revision from the original model in that it utilizes some more advanced Excel tools, and will hopefully be easier to use.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line at!

In case you're shy or curious, I've prepared a couple of sample characters for you to look at:

Mystic Knight


Training Program

Soldier: 12%
Ninja: 23%
Sword Master: 65%
A Mystic Knight is a swordsman who has undergone training to enhance his physical, mental, and spiritual strength. A versatile character that has survived a number of ordeals, a Mystic Knight can fight on the front lines or support allies from afar. He can also wield the legendary Drakonite magic, making him an even more potent ally.

Weapon of Choice: Sword, Crossbow
Growth Statistics

Fire Earth Water Wind Shadow Dragon
Zoshonell Bartha Gurza Hahnela Charge SnapShot
Stun Poison Clear Storm Charm Wipe Out
Heat Jump SlowMove Quick Paradigm Asteroid
Melt Petrify HealRain Teleport Mute
Golem Power: The power of all ally Golems within a three panel range will be raised.


Training Program

Soldier: 12%
Ninja: 43%
Wizard: 45%
Assassins are comparable to Ninjas--though somewhat slower, they are more adept at magic and other skills. They can make better use of spells that target a large area than Ninjas, and are more durable than most magicians due to their higher HP, defense, and evasion ability. Just don't bog them down with heavy equipment!

Weapon of Choice: Knife, Staff
Growth Statistics

Fire Earth Water Wind Shadow Dragon
FireBurn Acid IceBlast Ion Shot Incubus SnapShot
Nova Meteor AcidRain Thunder Pain
MagmaGod Gnome Fenril Kaminari Dark Law
Nova+ Quake IceCloud Air Cry Death
Attack+: With a one-handed weapon in each hand, they can attack twice.
Walk On Water: Able to walk on the surfaces of lakes and rivers.


Wiegraf: This should give you a decent start--now go out there and kick some aristocrat butt!

Chris:These characters that I've developed only represent a small portion of what you can actually do if you train the right way. See? Knowledge IS power!!


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