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Chris: For the sake of improving this guide even more, I've decided to add a section that is dedicated to using the GameShark with Tactics Ogre. Just when you thought that you had done virtually everything that you could do in this game, along comes GameShark to make it even more fun! Of course you can use it to blatantly cheat, but there are other things you can do as well--I plan to cover a number of topics.

But one seemingly random question first--have you ever noticed how there is no male equivalent to the Angel Knight? Has that ever annoyed you? Well I know some guys who sort of got the short end of the stick in Tactics Ogre--they're going to be my assistants for this section. Allow me to introduce you to:

The Seraph Knights!

Vice Leonard Haborym Guildus Debordes

Vice: One of the coolest sets of codes is the set that allows you to modify a given character's class and appearance. Since the code differs slightly for each character, I'll give you the code for Character 2:

Appearance Modifier 3011EAF1 00??
Class Modifier 30145C79 00??
The "??" is the set of digits which determine the character's appearance/class.

Vice: The basic set of digits can be found at

Leonard: Of course, that's no fun--you want to make special characters, right? This is how you do it!

Digits ClassAppearance Digits ClassAppearance
30Beast Master Gilbert31SorceressDeneb
32SoldierDenim 1 33LordDenim 2
34Soldier (Neutral) Vice35High PriestKachua 1
36Dark Priest Kachua 237PrincessKachua 3
38Paladin Lans Hamilton39Lord MancerWarren
3AEagle Man Canopus3BWhite KnightMildain
3CWhite Knight Guildus3DShamanSisteena
3EShamanSelye 3FShamanShelley
40Shaman Olivia41Death TemplarLans Tartare
42BishopBranta 43Dark ElementDolgare
44Temple Commando Balzepho45Temple Commando Barbas
46Temple CommandoMartym47Temple Commando Volac
48Temple CommandoAndoras49Temple Commando Ozma
4ATemple CommandoOz4BKnight*Leonard
4CAmazon* Sisteena4DValkyrie*Selye
4ESiren* Shelley4FPriest*Olivia
50Exorcist* Presance51Sword Master Haborym
52 Knight*Forcas53Wizard*Byan
54Archer* Aloser55Dragon Tamer*Oxyones
56Dragoon*Jenounes 57Berserker*Zapan
58Terror Knight* Debordes59Priest*Orias
5AWarlock*Radlum 5BSword Master*King Roderick
5CKnight*Zaebos 5DNecromancerNybbas
5EDemon Belzbute5FVenefikFalfadet
60Searzist Vepar61Ninja*(Evil) Vice
62SummonerRamidos 63Knight*(Good) Vice
64Sorcerer Mordiart65SorcererBrutakox
66SummonerMutsua 67Death KnightLeonard
68Death Knight Zaebos69Death KnightGuildus
6ALichNybbas 6BWarrior(Good) Vice
6CBeast Tamer* Ganb6DGuardianHoly Dragon
6EGuardian Golem6FGuardianGryphon
70Guardian Tiamat71GabiarGreen/Gray Lizard Man
72Relics Knight Gold Terror Knight73Dark Stalker Dark Ninja
74 Dark DragonDark Tiamat75Dark Eye Dark Giant
76 Dark WingDark Gryphon77Obinick Orange Gryphon
78 Iron GolemGray Golem79Raven Man Black Hawk Man
7ADeath DragonBlue Holy Dragon7B Lucifer CrowBlue Gryphon
7CPhoenix Red Gryphon7DSalamanderOrange Dragon
7EFire Drake Orange Holy Dragon7FFire BrassOrange Tiamat
80Ice Giant Blue Cyclops81KrakenGray Octopus
82KrakenGray Octopus83GargoyleGray Tiamat
84Lufu Orange Cockatrice85BasiliskGreen Dragon
86Succula White Hydra87HippogriffBrown/Green Gryphon
88 Dragon ZombieUndead Tiamat89Death Hydra Undead Hydra
8A Death GiantUndead Cyclops8B ZombieUndead Soldier
8CZombieUndead Knight8D ZombieUndead Berserker
8EZombie Undead Wizard8FZombieUndead Amazon
90Zombie Undead ArcherBeyond that, glitches!

Leonard: There is something to note, though. See how some of the classes in the above table are marked with one of these (*)? This is to indicate that you should use their corresponding digits only for the Appearance Modifier, not the Class Modifier! Why does this matter? Because if you use these digits for Class Modifiers, you'll end up with a somewhat glitchy character (with 255 MOVE, weird symbols in the "move type" area, etc.) that will cause the game to freeze if you try and use them in battle.

So what do you do? Use the digits for the Appearance Modifier, but use the corresponding "Basic Set" digits for the Class Modifier. For example, let's say you want to make your second character into Forcas. You would enter in the following codes:

3011EAF1 0052
30145C79 0002

The first code makes your character look like Forcas, and the second code makes him into a standard Knight. Also, note that a character's appearance will affect their growth statistics--for example, if you make a character look like Mildain and make him into a Lich, the character will gain a good amount of HP, VIT, INT, and AGI, but he'll gain no MP (like Mildain). Keep this in mind when you're making characters--you can always change their appearance later!

By the way, the code 300E74C2 00?? allows you to recruit any class that you want at shops. The '??' is the set of digits that corresponds to the class you want (for example, '1E' is the set for the Templar Knight class). The character may appear to be glitchy during the recruiting process, but they should be fine after the recruiting process (the limitations to this are the same as if you used the codes above to modify one of your existing characters). Thanks to Rudolph Chapman for this code!

Zaebos: And to think that they weren't even going to let me in on this page! If you use the above code to recruit certain characters at shops, you may end up with a glitchy character. Here's how you can fix this problem:

Zaebos: And it's just that simple! You can create special characters like me in this way, and we'll have our original stats. Let me tell you--I'm far superior to a normal Knight!

Haborym: It's just great that I've seen the light; actually, it's great that I've seen anything at all! Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about the equipment codes--there are four of them, one for each of your equipment "slots." For Character 2, they are:

Top Left Equipment Slot 30140919 00??
Top Right Equipment Slot 30140941 00??
Bottom Left Equipment Slot 30142181 00??
Bottom Right Equipment Slot 301421A9 00??

Haborym: You can fill your equipment slots with any combination of weapons, armour, or items, the corresponding digits for which can be found here. You might notice that when you create equipment for your characters, the item doesn't actually appear in your inventory. So you don't actually have it--isn't that annoying? Well, there's a solution to that problem.

Make sure that a generic (non-special) character is equipped with the items you created via the GameShark, and make sure that one of the items is an Ogre Blade. Get into a battle, and use the Ogre Blade's "BodyGrab" skill to swap bodies with one of the enemies. Then, persuade the enemy who your character switched places with (who should be equipped with your created equipment). When they join your troops, they'll still have the special items, which will appear in your inventory! Just be careful when using BodyGrab--if you don't time it correctly, you'll end up with an ally who is surrounded by enemies who will attack them.

Guildus: I'm going to deal with the more "theoretical" side of using the GameShark. While it may first seem the case that your created special characters are only for battle, there is more than meets the eye. You see, in creating a special character such as Forcas or Jenounes, you have essentially introduced the special character into the game. That might seem a little confusing (or badly worded) at first, but I'll give you an example:

If you play the Neutral or Chaos routes and create Jenounes, and then bring him to the Brumor Plateau in Chapter 4, you will be attacked by Oxyones and her dragons, just as you would in the Law route, when you're actually supposed to have Jenounes. Everything's the same in the battle except for the fact that you can't actually persuade Oxyones to join you. This is because there is some "switch" in Tactics Ogre that is flipped in the L route, but not in the N or C routes, which triggers Denim to speak to Oxyones on Jenounes' behalf. In other words, if you create Jenounes in the N or C routes and engage in the battle against Oxyones, the dialogue which gets Oxyones to join will never occur. You'll have to kill her, and you'll receive her Saint Bow as a prize; you can then just create Oxyones and give it to her, and it will be essentially the same as recruiting her in the L route!

This phenomenon is especially the case with Warrior Vice (the one who joins you in the L route); if you create him in the N or C routes, he'll do everything in Chapter 4 that he does in the L route. He'll be in the ending, he'll bring up his dad's death in the battle against Barbas at Banisha, and so forth. So now you can play any route in Tactics Ogre and still keep all of your favourite characters!

Another interesting point: the characters you create will not appear in the Warren Report unless you omit them. If you omit them, they suddenly appear in the Warren Report and Warren says something to the effect of "they left due to a difference in ideals." You can even bring the dead back to life this way (such as creating Zapan and omitting him in the N or C route, after he gets killed by Vice). Do note however that you mustn't bring your created special character into the battle with the real special character (if they're your enemy), or else you'll be forced to kill them to end the battle, and it will count on your Death Toll. This applies to characters such as Zaebos, Branta, and the Dark Knights.

The special characters you create are exact replicas of the real characters, even down to what they say if you try to omit them. Each of the special characters that joins you has their own special message. As a result of this, you can use the GameShark to test whether or not you can legitimately (without GameShark) have a given character in your party at all. If you create Warrior Vice, he'll say "You still have a grudge against me?" if you try and omit him; however, if you create Lans Hamilton, he will say the same things as generic characters if you try to omit him. From this, we can conclude that Lans Hamilton is not meant to join your team at any time other than at the beginning of the game. In some cases (such as trying to create the Dark Knights) you'll notice that they appear to have the body of a Bacrum soldier (with red armour). This is definitely a sign that there's no way to get that character to join your troops without using GameShark.

As a result of this, I can shoot down a rumour that has been going around about your being able to recruit "Lans and his buddies" during the battle at Heigm with Branta. First of all, it doesn't even specify which Lans you can get--there's a big difference between my buddy Lans and that jackass Dark Knight! Naturally, "his buddies" isn't any clearer; of course, it really doesn't matter because by using the GameShark test, you will see that you can't have either Lans in your party by normal means. And if "his buddies" refers to Mildain and me, that's really no secret because we already join you! One thing that remains unaccounted for is the fact that if you create a Templar Knight, they keep their appearance in the Edit Screen (except they're green and blue, to match your team's colours). This would indicate that there is some way to recruit a Templar Knight, but so far it's a complete mystery as to how. Persuasion and BodyGrab don't work, and there aren't any scenes where you would pick one up either. Another thing that's unexplained is the fact that Dark Knights Volac and Balzepho have their own unique skills and equipment, but you never fight them in battle. Perhaps these mysteries are connected somehow...

At any rate the main idea I'm getting at is that you can use GameShark to test virtually any rumour that you may hear of (that relates to special characters). Be skeptical when you hear such rumours!

Debordes: So now that I'm alive and have my soul back, I suppose that you expect me to say something. Well, tough luck--you're wasting your time!

...Okay, fine! I bet you've heard about codes that will allow you to give your characters special abilities, right? Well I'll give them to you. Here they are:

Hero and Character 2 80146B48 ????Character 3 and Character 480146B4A ????
Character 5 and Character 6 80146B4C ???? Character 7 and Character 8 80146B4E ????
Character 9 and Character 10 80146B50 ???? Character 11 and Character 12 80146B52 ????
Character 13 and Character 14 80146B54 ???? Character 15 and Character 16 80146B56 ????
Character 17 and Character 18 80146B58 ???? Character 19 and Character 20 80146B5A ????
Character 21 and Character 22 80146B5C ???? Character 23 and Character 24 80146B5E ????
Character 25 and Character 26 80146B60 ???? Character 27 and Character 28 80146B62 ????
Character 29 and Character 30 80146B64 ????

Debordes: For these codes, you'll notice that there are four question marks at the end of each code. Those are where you input the digits for the ability that you want; the first two question marks are for the even-numbered character in the set (Character 2, Character 4, etc.), and the last two question marks are for the odd-numbered characters in the set (Character 1, Character 3, etc.). Here are the ability digits:

01Ion Shot02 Thunder03Kaminari 04Air Cry
05Quick06 Storm07Teleport 08Hahnela
09 FireBurn0AMagmaGod 0BNova0CNova+
0DMelt0E Heat0FStun
10Zoshonell11 Acid 12Meteor13Gnome
14Quake15 Jump16Poison17 Petrify
18Bartha 19IceBlast1A AcidRain1BFenril
1CIceCloud1D Clear1ESlowMove1F HealRain
20Gurza21 LightBow22Exorcism23 Starion
24Vitalize 25Heal26Heal+ 27Heal All
28Revivify 29Incubus2A Pain2BDark Law
2CDeath2DCharm 2EParadigm2FCharge
30Necro 31Tempest32 Wipe Out33Asteroid
34Mute35 Dominion36 Entify37Retissue
38SnapShot39 Tornado3AThunder 3BCrimson
3CFire 3DDragos 3EPoison3FPetrify
40Spiral41 Ice42Banish43 HolyBolt
44Jihad 45Abyss46 Toxic47EvilEyes
48Eddy49 Typhoon4ACariban4B Summon-E
4CSummon-H 4DSummon-Z4E Summon-B4FSummon-G
50Summon-I51 Summon-A52Pray-H 53Pray-Z
55Pray-G56 Fudo57Agony
58Dracul59Relic 5ARamPower5BDevilCry
5CSoulWave 5DFireWave5EMegaBolt 5FRage
60Reaper61 Avenger62Venom63 RiotBurn
64Thundax 65EvilRose66 DarkCell67Oracle
6850 Heal69100 Heal 6A150 Heal6BMax Heal
6C25 MP6D 50 MP6E100 MP6F Max MP
70Restore71 100%72Revive73 Antidote
74Ambrosia 75Awake76 Remedy77Double
78BodyGrab79WindShot 7AGlowBall7BX-Zone
7CHazard7D CalmSong7ESad Song 7FCuteKiss
80CuteKiss81 DeepKiss82DeepKiss 83LifeSuck
84Prophecy 85Pumpkin86 BrainFry87YasaiWar
88Squash-X89 ColicDio8AEx Dio8B Torutos
8CDerupt 8DPondors8E Kusogaki8FRadius
90Umbra91 STR Up92VIT Up93 INT Up
94MEN Up

Debordes: That's all I've got to say about that.

Chris: So there you have it--you've been introduced to some of the possibilities created by incorporating GameShark into Tactics Ogre. For more codes, go to

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