Chapter Three, Chaotic Route: Ambition and desire is the motivation. Losers are called dogs and hogs.


Four weeks have passed since the Bacrum Army occupied Rime... Although Bacrum was able to take over the old capital of Rime, they suffered heavy losses in the battle against Lans' troops. The damage was so serious that they were unable to continue on. Meanwhile, Duke Ronway in Amorika Castle was having difficulty suppressing partisan guerilla activities. The negative attitude toward Walsta was becoming worse. The Duke needed to heighten the morale of his Army. Duke Ronway assembled his Army at Amorika Castle and prepared for the battle against Bacrum. At the same time, he sent a secret messenger to the Dark Knights to set up a treaty. He did this to buy some time so he could avoid the Dark Knights' involvement in the war.

Denim refused to obey the orders of the Duke and went underground, so that he would have a chance to kill the Duke. Duke Ronway was extremely indignant of Denim's rebellion. He ordered Leonard to hunt down and kill Denim. Not only that, he also put a huge price on Denim's head as a traitor. Denim realized that his situation was becoming dangerous and decided to leave the port town of Ashton...

Table of Contents

Scene 25C: Fiduc Castle Scene 34C: Coritani Castle
Scene 26C: Ashton Scene 35C: Wyoburi Volcano
Scene 27C: Zodo Marsh Scene 36C: Griate
Scene 28C: Coritani Castle Scene 37C: Rime
Scene 29C: Vahanna Plateau Scene 38C: Amorika Castle
Scene 30C: Heigm Castle Scene Delta: Fort Bodo
Scene 31C: Brigantes Castle Scene 39C: Fiduc Castle
Scene 32C: Vahanna Plateau Scene 40C: Heigm Castle
Scene 33C: Amorika Castle

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