Chapter Three: Ambition and desire is the motivation. Losers are called dogs and hogs.

Table of Contents

Introduction Scene 32C: Vahanna Plateau
Scene 25C: Fiduc Castle Scene 33C: Coritani Castle
Scene 26C: Ashton Scene 34C: Wyoburi Volcano
Scene 27C: Zodo Marsh Scene 35C: Griate
Scene 28C: Coritani Castle Scene 36C: Rime
Scene 29C: Vahanna Plateau Scene 37C: Amorika Castle
Scene 30C: Heigm Scene Delta: Fort Bodo
Scene 31C: Brigantes Castle Scene 38C: Fiduc Castle


Four weeks have passed since the Bacrum Army occupied Rime... Although Bacrum was able to take over the old capital of Rime, they suffered heavy losses in the battle against Lans' troops. The damage was so serious that they were unable to continue on. Meanwhile, Duke Ronway in Amorika Castle was having difficulty suppressing partisan guerilla activities. The negative attitude toward Walsta was becoming worse. The Duke needed to heighten the morale of his Army. Duke Ronway assembled his Army at Amorika Castle and prepared for the battle against Bacrum. At the same time, he sent a secret messenger to the Dark Knights to set up a treaty. He did this to buy some time so he could avoid the Dark Knights' involvement in the war.

Denim refused to obey the orders of the Duke and went underground, so that he would have a chance to kill the Duke. Duke Ronway was extremely indignant of Denim's rebellion. He ordered Leonard to hunt down and kill Denim. Not only that, he also put a huge price on Denim's head as a traitor. Denim realized that his situation was becoming dangerous and decided to leave the port town of Ashton...

Scene 25C: Fiduc Castle

The Chapter begins at Fiduc Castle, where Balzepho the Dark Knight is having a meeting with a couple of his fellow Dark Knights, Barbas and Martym. Balzepho reprimands Barbas for acting on his own at Rime without permission, and Martym echoes Balzepho's sentiments. Balzepho doesn't need Martym's help, and reminds him that he did not have permission to speak. Barbas justifies his actions by saying that he was simply following Branta's orders, but Balzepho does not buy into that explanation. Balzepho then accuses Barbas of simply wanting to fight against the Zenobian Knights that were stationed in Rime, and Barbas remains silent until Dark Knight Lans enters the room, accompanied by two other Knights. Balzepho welcomes his lord back to the castle along with his two guests, Dark Knights Oz and Ozma Gracious. Lans tells Balzepho to calm down and inquires about the status of Walsta. Balzepho informs Lans that there is a messenger from Duke Ronway here to see him, and Lans says to let him in. The messenger is Vice, and he greets them with a very sarcastic greeting:

Vice: Look at that...the Dark Knights of dog-piss are welcoming me.

This of course angers Balzepho, who tells Vice to watch his tongue. Vice tells Balzepho to calm down, because it's bad for his blood pressure. He then accuses the Dark Knights of breaking the promise of neutrality that they made to Walsta. Lans asks Vice what he wants them to do, and Vice tells him that he wants to know what their true plans are, and Lans asks him what he would do if the Dark Knights were to attack Amorika. Vice says that the situation will get even uglier, and since the Roslolians are the initiators, Valeria and Zenobia will point the finger at them and laugh. Balzepho becomes enraged by this, but Lans ensures Vice that they have maintained their neutral position. Vice then brings up the fact that there was a Dark Knight that participated in the front line offense at Rime, and Lans denies being responsible for his actions. Vice tells Lans to prove that, and Lans asks Vice what he wants as proof. Vice says that he has a plan, and that's all we get to see.

Scene 26C: Ashton

Meanwhile, we find Denim, Kachua, and Canopus hiding away in a small house in Ashton. Kachua accuses Denim of helping Duke Ronway out, and Denim denies it until Canopus butts in, saying that all they do is argue. Kachua gives Canopus an angry glare, but Denim picks up where he left off. He goes on to say that he is only thinking of Walsta. The Walsta-Gargastan war is nothing more than a struggle for power between Cardinal Barbatos and Duke Ronway--there are a lot of people that are suffering. Denim says that he has to fight for them, and that Kachua is selfish for telling him to run away. Kachua retorts by saying that he is the selfish one since he never thinks about her. She then storms out of the room, leaving Denim to think about things by himself.

Canopus tells Denim not to worry about what Kachua said, saying that it would take someone smacking her around with a club to persuade her. Suddenly, a voice can be heard outside, calling Denim out; apparently, another bounty hunter has found him. Canopus jokingly says that Denim is really popular because everyone wants him, but Denim doesn't seem to think it's time to laugh right now. He goes outside, and Canopus wonders why no one can take a joke anymore as he follows him.

Gannon: So you are Denim! You're a hard person to track down! Make it easy on yourself and let me have your head, kid!

Battle 24C: Ashton

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Gannon (drops Balder Sword)
Enemies: 2 Lizard Men, 1 Red Dragon, 2 Gryphons, 1 Amazon, 1 Wizard
Union: Bounty Hunter

Gannon: I see...the Liberation Army won't be able to handle you...arghh!

Scene 27C: Zodo Marsh

Felnator: You are Denim of Griate! What a surprise! I thought you left Valeria. I know that Vice wants to kill you, but I have bills to pay, too. This will be the end of you!

Battle 25C: Zodo Marsh

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Felnator
Enemies: 2 Ninjas, 2 Amazons, 3 Valkyries, 1 Siren, 1 Witch
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
  • Each of the two Amazons has a Gemini Crossbow , in case you feel like persuading them to get one. You can't get this weapon in the shops yet, and it is a powerful crossbow with an attack range of 7, more than just about any bow you'll get in the game.

  • The enemy Siren has the Grease Boots, which she will drop if you kill her. These boots will give one of your characters more mobility in watery stages, but you should take care not to have them attack enemies while in the water or their power will be greatly reduced.

  • The enemy Witch has HealRain, which you can use to make a healer out of one of your supplementary magic users. You won't be able to get this spell in shops for a while, so you'll probably want to get it from her...

Felnator: I can't believe traitor...

Scene 28C: Coritani Castle

(outside of the castle)
Zildor: I never thought the Liberation Army could mobilize this fast! (to Soldier) Is Didario back yet? Tell Zaebos to send us some soldiers. (Soldier goes inside) I will avenge my lord's death! Kill them!

Battle 26C: Coritani Entrance

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Zildor (drops Galdia Fan)
Enemies: 2 Berzerkers, 2 Wizards, 2 Hawk Men, 1 Red Dragon, 1 Earth Dragon
Union: Gargastan Kingdom

Zildor: Barbatos...forgive me...

(inside the castle)

Zaebos: You are Denim of Griate! You killed Zildor! I thought the Liberation Army was after you. Or is this just a plot to deceive me, like Baramus?
Denim: I am not a member of the Liberation Army! Don't put me in the same boat as Ronway or Branta. They are using this ethnic war to fulfill their desires!
Zaebos: Are you trying to tell me that you are fighting for the people?! What a hypocrite! How many people have you killed after giving your speech about fighting for the people?
Denim: You're the kind of person who makes the people suffer!!

Battle 27C: Coritani

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Zaebos
Enemies: 2 Knights, 2 Valkyries, 2 Wizards, 2 Clerics, 1 Blue Dragon
Union: Gargastan Kingdom

(after you defeat him)

Zaebos: ...Stupid kid! Damn you! You may have Coritani Castle for now! But you are going to pay for this! (escapes)
Denim: Wait! Zaebos!

Inside Coritani Castle, Denim finds some Gargastan citizens that were being held captive by Zaebos and his troops. One of the captives reveals that the Gargastans were actually planning to trap the Liberation Army between Coritani Castle and Brigantes Castle, but their plan failed when Denim showed up. The captive asks Denim not to kill him, and Denim says that he has no intention of hurting him. The captive thanks Denim and informs him that Zaebos and his remaining troops escaped to Brigantes Castle, where they are planning to execute the captives there as a warning. Denim says that he is going to go after him, and the captive tells Denim that he wishes he met him before.

In the main wing of Coritani Castle, Kachua is leaving when Denim catches up to her. He asks her if she is still mad at him, and when she says that she still wants to leave, Denim asks her if she is sure that she wants to go back to Griate. She says yes, and then Denim has the option of saying:

Denim:1. Are you leaving?
2. You're selfish.

Regardless of which one you choose, Kachua will still leave the party. Before she leaves, Denim reminds her that they are supposed to be fighting to avenge their father. She reveals to Denim that Plancy is not their real father--they were adopted. Kachua then says to Denim that he is the only family she has left, and storms out of the castle. Denim calls Kachua back, but she keeps on going...

Scene 29C: Vahanna Plateau

Denim: (to his troops) ...It's cold. I don't think there are enemies hiding around here. Let's go to Brigantes Castle.
(A group of Lizard Men and Dragons appear)
Denim: There're dragons here!

Battle 28C: Vahanna

Objective: Kill all enemies!
Enemies: 4 Lizard Men, 4 White Dragons
Union: Unknown
  • This battle isn't overly difficult, but you have to be careful not to rush into the heat of battle unless you're thoroughly prepared. The fact that all of your enemies in this stage are water-elemental will probably give them the advantage, especially in the case of the White Dragons, whose breath attacks can severely damage your team members as well as put them to sleep. Any Dragoons that you have by now will be very helpful, along with indirect attackers and supplemental magic users.

Denim: Let's head for Brigantes Castle!

Scene 30: Heigm

While Denim is on his way to Brigantes Castle, a Bacrumese Knight delivers news to Branta at Heigm. Apparently it was not the Walsta Liberation Army that took over Coritani Castle! Upon hearing this news, Branta mentions that Denim is probably the leader of the troops; he anticipates that Ronway will need to use everything he's got to fight against the Hero of Griate. Given this, Branta has a chance to attack Amorika and defeat the Walsta Liberation Army while they are off-guard. Realizing this, he tells the Knight to give the order to attack Amorika.

Before the Knight leaves however, the Dark Knight Volac intervenes and asks Branta to reconsider, given the promise that he made to the King of Lodis. At this time Branta is furious, saying that the Dark Knights have no right to enforce Branta's vow without upholding their own end of the deal, helping Branta to become ruler of Valeria. Volac asks Branta to calm down, but Branta tells the Knight to go ahead anyway. Volac then asks him if he is making the Dark Knights his enemy, but the Cardinal ignores him and sits on his throne. At this time, a Soldier enters saying that there is a messenger from the Amorika troops. Branta is shocked.

Vice enters the throne room, but Volac orders Branta's guards to surround him. Branta tells him to speak, and the guards back off. Vice says that he has some really good news for Branta, but asks him to get rid of Volac, the "old fart." Branta laughs, and then orders Volac to leave the room. Vice goes ahead and delivers his news, but we don't get to see what that news is...

Scene 31C: Brigantes Castle

At this point, you have the option of going to either West Brigantes or South Brigantes.

(West Brigantes, outside of the castle)

Orgeu: Aren't you Denim?! You were the one who killed Zildor! I don't care about the Cardinal, but you will pay for Zildor's death!

Hawk Man
Battle 29C(w): West Brigantes

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Orgeu (drops Gemini Crossbow)
Enemies: 4 Hawk Men, 2 Sirens, 2 Archers, 1 Cockatrice
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • One of the enemy Hawk Men has the Aqua Hammer. Persuade him or defeat him to get it!

  • Interestingly enough, this is the only route in which Orgeu's element is Fire. In both of the other routes, his element is Wind.

Canopus: We have to defeat him, before this storm turns into a blizzard.

Orgeu: Sorry...Zildor...I could not...avenge... you...unhg...

(South Brigantes, outside of the castle)

Didario: I knew you would show up, Hero of Griate! I will avenge the Cardinal's death!

Battle 29C(s): South Brigantes

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Didario
Enemies: 3 Soldiers, 2 Wizards, 2 Valkyries, 1 Archer, 1 White Dragon
Union: Gargastan Kingdom

Canopus: We have to defeat him, before this storm turns into a blizzard.

Didario: Long live the Cardinal!

(inside Brigantes Castle)

Zaebos: What took you so long, Denim? I've been waiting for you. I finally understand why the Liberation Army is after you. You could never stain your hands with the blood of just let other people do your dirty work and all you do is talk about peace and justice...people will eventually start to support you, just because you are not "dirty" like Ronway. But that will not last long. People will soon find out the truth about you.

Battle 30C: Inside Brigantes

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Zaebos (drops Fafniel)
Enemies: 3 Knights, 1 Terror Knight, 1 Exorcist, 2 Amazons, 2 Wizards
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • The Exorcist has Exorcism, so let your undead characters sit this one out!

  • If you kill the enemy Wizards, they will each drop a Magi+++.

Zaebos: The traitors are in the castle...they are looking for their savior. They're not the only ones, though...the people of Valeria are also looking for their savior...can you be their savior? You hypocrite? Only time will tell.

In a different room, a Gargastan old man thanks Denim for saving him and his fellow Gargastan citizens. He realizes that Denim is Walstanian and asks him why he bothered to risk his life to save them, especially given that he was one of the participants in the Baramus Massacre. Denim tells him the truth, that he was there and tried to stop it, but couldn't. He also tells the Gargastans that the Walstanians are not their enemy, but the people in power are since they have perpetuated the war for their own personal gain. The old man asks him what he would do if he ever found himself in a similar situation to the Duke and the Cardinal, and Denim says that he'd rather die than follow their path.

At this time, a Gargastan youth bursts into the room, and alerts Denim to the fact that Coritani Castle has been taken over by the Walsta Liberation Army in Denim's absence. Denim says that while he never thought that he would have to fight the Walsta Liberation Army, he will kill the Duke and bring peace back to Valeria. Off to Coritani!

Scene 32C: Vahanna Plateau

(a man is running, being pursued)
Voice: There he is, get him!
Man: ...Huh? They're already here?!
Denim: Hey! That guy is being chased by the Liberation Army!
Mordiart: Look, there's Denim! I never thought I'd bump into Denim! This will be the perfect place for your grave!

Battle 31C: Vahanna

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Mordiart (drops Petrify)
Enemies: 7 Ninjas
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Haborym
  • The key to saving Haborym here is speed. If you're not quick in winning this battle, Haborym will attack the enemy head on and die. A good strategy is to unequip your team completely except for a Short Bow, and any orbs that you may have. Flying characters are a definite plus, as they won't be hindered by the rough terrain. Aim straight for Mordiart, and you should be able to end this battle in 2-3 turns.


After the battle, the man will introduce himself as Haborym Vandam. Once he finds out that it was the Hero of Griate who saved him, he will ask to join Denim's fight against the Dark Knights. He mentions that they were the ones that took his sight, and that he has other reasons for hating them. His skills with a sword are second to none, and it's your choice whether or not to recruit him. Assuming that you do...

Join up!

Sword Master

Meanwhile, there is a meeting going on at Amorika Castle. Vice delivers the message to Ronway that Dark Knight Lans agreed to meet with him at an old church in Rime. According to the agreement, each side will bring only three guards. Vice says that assuming that the meeting goes as planned, they can focus their attacks on Bacrum without having to worry about interference from the Dark Knights. A Walstanian Knight expresses his doubts about the plan, and Vice becomes enraged until the Duke calms him down. The Duke believes that the Roslolians can be trusted because all they want is the complete obedience of whichever group is "in power." Ronway also says that his plan involves eventually defeating the Dark Knights after he kills Branta and unites Valeria under his rule. At this point, he asks Vice to deliver a message to Lans, outlining the time and date of the meeting...

Scene 33C: Coritani Castle

(outside of the castle)
Irvine: Shameless traitor! Do you forget what the Duke has done for you? Men like you can never be a part of the revolution! I will kill you with the sword that the Duke bestowed upon me! This will be the day you die!

Terror Knight
Battle 32C: Coritani Entrance

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Irvine (drops Fire Sword)
Enemies: 2 Wizards, 3 Archers, 2 Lizard Men, 2 Black Dragons
Union: Walsta Liberation Army

Irvine: ...Viva la Revolucion! ...ungh!

(inside the castle, Denim encounters Leonard)

Denim: I never thought you would be here!!
Leonard: ...Long time no see, Denim. Are you still keeping your hope alive? Why don't you give it up and come back to the Liberation Army? By defeating the Dark Knight Zaebos, nobody would oppose you...
Denim: My purpose was not to fight know who is responsible for all this death and destruction! I have no intention of joining the Liberation Army again. You shouldn't be with them either!
Leonard: There is a gap between ideals and the reality of war. Someone has to fill that gap.
Denim: Is that what you really want?! Are you satisfied with that?!
Leonard: It's too late for me friend, it is my destiny. The moment I met you, I was doomed to follow this path. If you are seeking the light, then I shall bury myself in the darkness and stain my hands with blood. Draw your sword! Prepare to know the meaning of war!

Denim:1. So be it...
2. No!

Denim: It's not our war! Killing each other won't resolve anything.
Leonard:...hmmm. (calls comrades) Denim, are you ready?!

Denim: So be it...I accept your challenge! We shall finally see who is right and who is wrong!

Battle 33C: Coritani

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Leonard (drops Spark Shoes)
Enemies: 2 Knights, 1 Wizard, 1 Witch, 2 Valkyries, 1 Cleric, 2 Hawk Men
Union: Walsta Liberation Army

  • If you accepted Leonard's challenge, then you will fight him one on one. Be careful, as he has both a sword and a crossbow--it'll be difficult to avoid his attacks!

(after you defeat him)

Leonard: ...You have become strong, Denim... listen...the Duke and the Dark Knights are...about to sign a secret treaty...
Denim: What?!
Leonard: The Duke, he's...selling his...soul to...them...after he defeats Bacrum, he has no intention of getting rid of them... It was never...his intention... You were right, Denim...tell your sister you were right...the Duke is...
Denim: Please, don't talk!
Leonard: ...Go to Rime, Denim. will...lead new...wor...ld...ungh! (dies)

In the conference room of Coritani Castle, Denim talks to an old man about getting to Rime. He mentions that he must avoid passing through Amorika to get there, and the old man suggests that he go by ship. Denim says that since the Duke blockaded the shipping lanes to hinder guerilla activity, traveling by ship would not be possible. The old man then states that there is only one other option--passing through the Barnam mountains to get to Rime. Denim responds by saying that he'd be stupid to take such a dangerous route, but then acknowledges that that would be the best way to get to Rime unnoticed. Therefore, it seems that Denim is stupid after all!

Scene 34C: Wyoburi Volcano

Ganb: Hey, haven't we met before?! Well, what do you know! I never thought I would bump into you again. Belda and Obda, come! (they do) And this time, I have some new friends! Let me introduce you to them! Banga! Zanga! Come out! (they do) I may be a shitty bounty hunter, but I will fight for the Cardinal until I die. This is my chance to avenge the Cardinal's death!

Beast Tamer


Battle 34C: Wyoburi

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Ganb
Enemies: Belda, Obda, Banga (Cockatrice, Water, N), Zanga (Cockatrice, Water, N)
Union: Defeated Soldier
  • If you kill Ganb's pets, he will become enraged and recover 50 HP for each one that you kill.

(if you kill his animals)
Ganb: Belda! My friend!
Ganb: Obda! Nooo!! What have you done?! You can't die!
Ganb: Banga! Forgive me! I will avenge you!
Ganb: Zanga! Your death will not be in vain!

(when he is down to critical HP)
Ganb: Damn it! Retreat! Just wait... Next time, I will get you! (escapes)

Scene 35C: Griate

While Denim and his comrades head to Rime to stop Duke Ronway from carrying out his plan, we see Kachua standing alone on a dock in Griate. Talking to herself, she says that Denim is the only family she has left. However, a voice cuts her off, saying that that is not true--she is a complete loner. Kachua asks who that is, and Dark Knight Lans appears. She asks him why he is in Griate, and he tells her about her birth--her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, and her father died several months before the war in Valeria began. She has no siblings, making her a complete loner. Kachua tells him that she has a brother in Denim, but Lans retorts by saying that Denim is not really her brother--while she is not Plancy's real child, Denim is. She asks Lans who she is, and he responds by telling her that her real name is Bersalia Overis.

Yes, Kachua is the daughter of the late King Dolgare! She does not believe him, but Lans tells her about how she is not the daughter of the late Queen. King Dolgare lusted after one of his servants, a maid named Manafloa, and it was she who conceived Kachua. Kachua still refuses to believe him, and he proves that his story is true by reading the inscription on her necklace and having her do the same. She asks him what he wants with her, and he tells her that he wants her to go with him to Heigm. At this time, Dark Knights Andoras and Volac appear, and the three escort Kachua to Heigm.

Scene 36C: Rime

Denim enters Rime and quickly hides in the bushes to avoid being noticed while he looks out for the Duke. Suddenly, a familiar voice is heard; looking through the bushes, Denim sees that it is Vice, accompanied by a group of Bacrumese Knights. While Denim wonders what Vice is doing with Bacrum soldiers, the group runs into the town church.

Inside the church, the Bacrum Knights surround Duke Ronway and Lans Tartare, who were in the middle of having a meeting. Lans asks the Knights who they are working for, and Duke Ronway then accuses the Dark Knight of betraying him. As Lans denies any previous knowledge of this, Vice enters the room and runs toward Ronway. He tells Ronway to follow him, and as the Duke obeys Vice takes out a knife and stabs him; calling him a traitor, Duke Ronway falls to the floor and dies. The Knights then surround Lans Tartare, but the Dark Knight warns Vice not to be too ambitious. Vice ignores his warning and tells him to shut up, ordering the Knights to kill him. Suddenly, a commotion is heard outside...

Outside, Dark Knights Oz and Ozma are trying to get to the church to help Lans when they are stopped by some Bacrumese soldiers. The soldiers refuse to let them pass, but suddenly Denim and his troops appear in the southern part of town. While the Bacrumese soldiers are distracted by Denim's arrival, Oz and Ozma sneak past them and head for the church. By the time the soldiers notice, they decide to ignore them and focus their attacks on Denim and his troops. Denim gives his squad the order to charge, aiming directly for the leader.

Terror Knight
Battle 35C: Rime

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Highlam (drops Warp Shoes)
Enemies: 2 Knights, 1 Cleric, 2 Wizards, 2 Dragon Tamers, 1 Thunder Dragon, 1 Blue Dragon
Union: Bacrum Valeria Country

  • Apparently Denim is stupid, as he claimed back at Coritani. You definitely want to kill the enemies, because they have a bunch of rare equipment! One Wizard has Kaminari, and the other Wizard has Fenril. The Cleric has the Grease Shoes, which she will drop when defeated.

Highlam: You little scums...
Denim: (to his troops) Go find the Duke and Lans!

Back at the church, it appears as if Oz and Ozma arrived in time to help their leader. The Bacrum Knights have all been slain, and Vice remains helplessly surrounded by the three Roslolians. Vice begs for his life, and Lans decides to let him live; he orders Vice to leave and never show his face again, and Vice obeys.

Lans thanks Oz and Ozma for their help, and Ozma tells Lans that Plancy has been taken from Heigm. Lans asks if there are any suspects, and Oz mentions the Valeria Liberation Front--upon hearing this, Lans says that they don't need Plancy anymore since they have Kachua in their hands. He gives the order for Oz and Ozma to kill Plancy and wipe out the Valeria Liberation Front. Oz asks Lans what he will do about the commotion that just occurred, and Lans says that Branta will pay for his treachery...

Scene 37C: Amorika Castle

Denim returns to Amorika Castle to find no resistance whatsoever--the troops at Amorika surrender to Denim, and a representative mentions that the troops that did not want to surrender had already left the castle. Another says that Leonard ordered them to surrender if he and the Duke were to die. Not only were the remaining troops going to surrender, they also wanted to join with Denim's forces to ease the souls of their dead comrades. Denim re-emphasizes that Branta, Barbatos, and Ronway created the ethnic war in Valeria to satisfy their own selfish goals. He asks the troops if they have the courage to fight for their ideals, and they say that they do. Denim accepts the responsibility of being the leader, re-uniting his forces with the remnants of the Walsta Liberation Army!

After the meeting, Denim and Canopus head for another room where they find Guildus, Mildain, and Warren. The three of them had been missing for a while because they were being held prisoner in a concentration camp in Rime after the Bacrum Army took over the city. They managed to escape, but Warren was seriously injured during the escape and therefore cannot fight. The White Knights ask Denim if he is going to attack Fiduc Castle, and he confirms his intention to do so. Guildus and Mildain offer their services to the Hero of Griate, vowing to get revenge on the Roslolians and the Bacrum Army for the atrocities they committed in Rime.

Join up!

White Knight
Join up!

White Knight

Scene Delta: Fort Bodo

Required Conditions: After making plans to attack Fiduc Castle, stop by Fort Bodo on the way to Fiduc.

(at Fort Bodo, the Roslolians have wiped out the Valeria Liberation Front and are cleaning up)
Ozma: I guess our business here is done. Oz, let's go back home.
Oz: Where's the priest?
Ozma: We just took him away. He's so docile and easy to deal with.
Oz: I didn't think he was in that bad of a shape...
Ozma: Let's not waste any more time. We have to go. (Ozma leaves)
Oz: Listen up, guys! This will be our last task here. We have to erase any evidence of us being here. Set the fortress on fire and double check that all of the guerillas are dead!
(Denim and his troops arrive)
Dark Knight: Son of a...!!
Denim: A Dark Knight?!
Oz: Now what?! The Liberation Army? I want overtime for this!

Temple Commando
Battle Delta: Fort Bodo

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Oz
Enemies: 6 Templar Knights
Union: Dark Knight Roslolian

(after Oz is at critical HP)

Oz: Shit... (escapes)

After the battle, Denim and Sisteena enter the remnants of Fort Bodo. They find Selye, who by some miracle is still alive. Denim asks Selye what the Roslolians were doing at Fort Bodo, and she reveals that they came because she rescued Denim's father from Heigm Castle. Surprised to hear that he is alive, Denim asks Selye where his father is. She replies by saying that the Roslolians must have taken him back into custody since his body is not anywhere to be found. Sisteena wonders why the Dark Knights were so desperate to get Plancy back, and Selye mentions that they are looking for someone named Manafloa, who only Plancy knows about. Selye believes that they have already found Manafloa, but before she can explain why Sisteena suggests that they leave in case the Roslolians come back. Denim invites Selye to join his troops--although she is reluctant to do so at first, she ends up deciding to join the fight against the Dark Knights.

Join up!


Scene 38C: Fiduc Castle

At this point, you have the option of going to either West Fiduc or South Fiduc.

(West Fiduc, outside of the castle)

Mercury: Fools!! They are attacking us from the front. Stupid bastards!

Sword Master
Battle 36C(w): West Fiduc

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Mercury (drops Wing Armor)
Enemies: 1 Terror Knight, 2 Archers, 2 Dragon Tamers, 1 White Dragon, 1 Black Dragon, 1 Wizard, 1 Siren
Union: Bacrum Valeria Country
  • One Archer has the Light Bow, the other has the Ice Bow, the Terror Knight has the Aqua Armor, the Wizard has MagmaGod, and the Siren has Gnome. Kill these enemies to get their equipment, but be sure to keep away from Mercury or else you'll kill him with counter attacks before you can get all of the special equipment.

  • Once you've killed some of the enemies, Mercury will call for reinforcements each round, causing random Soldiers, Amazons, Sirens, and Knights to appear. Unless you're looking for extra kills or experience, it'd be wise to head straight for Mercury once you've gotten all of the special equipment!

Mercury: What are the Dark Knights of Roslolian doing...? Have

(South Fiduc, outside of the castle)

Bestear: The Roslolians will be here soon, don't worry guys! Charge!

Battle 36C(s): South Fiduc

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Bestear (drops Phoenix Armor)
Enemies: 4 Knights, 2 Wizards, 2 Archers, 1 Cleric
Union: Bacrum Valeria Country

  • One Archer has the Sand Bow, the other has the Fire Bow, one of the Knights has the Granite Armor, one Wizard has MagmaGod, and the other Wizard has Gnome. Kill these enemies to get their equipment. Try to keep your characters somewhat apart from each other and facing Bestear. She uses Charm and Stun, which can cause big trouble for your team--following the aforementioned tip will minimize her success rate with those spells.

  • Once you've killed some of the enemies, Bestear will call for reinforcements each round, causing random Knights, Wizards, and Priests to appear. Unless you're looking for extra kills or experience, it'd be wise to head straight for Bestear once you've gotten all of the special equipment!

Bestear: Why haven't the Roslolians arrived yet...? What's taking them so long...?

Inside the castle, Ozma reports to Balzepho that Denim's forces have broken through the front gates. Things are looking grim for the Dark Knights, but Ozma tells Balzepho to escape with Lans and Kachua and leave Denim to her and her brother. Balzepho accepts Ozma's request and wishes her luck as he prepares to leave the castle.

As Denim enters Fiduc Castle, he encounters Kachua. He runs toward her to embrace her, but she pulls out a knife and swings it at him. He falls back, stunned. At this time, Lans Tartare appears and tells Kachua to come with him. Ozma enters the room as well, and tells Lans to hurry and escape before it is too late. Lans says goodbye, and he and Kachua leave the castle. Ozma tells Denim that she is going to pay him back for what he did in Rime, and summons her troops. Oz enters through a side door, and the battle begins.

Temple Commando

Temple Commando
Battle 37C: Inside Fiduc

Objective: Kill the leaders!
Leaders: Oz (drops Gramrock), Ozma (drops Rosebud Whip)
Enemies: 1 Siren, 1 Witch, 2 Valkyries, 2 Priests, 2 Templar Knights
Union: Dark Knight Roslolian

(if you kill Oz first)

Ozma: Oz?!
Ozma: (to Denim) Y-you bastard!
How dare you kill my brother!!

Ozma: ...Glory to Lodis...

(if you kill Ozma first)

Ozma: Keep the honor of...the...Gracious family...alive...Oz... (dies)
Oz: Ozma?! Noo!! (to Denim) Y-you bastard!
How dare you kill my sister!!

Oz: I can't die in a place like this! It...hurts...

Denim: Kachua, why...?

As Denim and his forces take over Fiduc, we see that Vice is back in Heigm, apparently not having a very good time. He is being held by two guards, and is about to be hanged. A priest follows the standard execution procedure, reciting various lines and asking Filaha to forgive Vice for his sins. Vice continually tries to get them to stop the execution, saying that he was following Branta's orders. His efforts are to no avail however, as the priest and guards ignore his words and hang him in front of an audience of Bacrumese citizens.

Ending Thought: Two days later I heard Vice was executed...

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