Chapter Three: Betrayed

Table of Contents

Introduction Scene 29L: Return From Coritani
Scene 22L: Fiduc Castle Scene 30L: Tanmas Hill
Scene 23L: Amorika Castle Scene 31L: Griate
Scene Theta: Amorika Castle Scene Omnicron: Fort Bodo
Scene 24L: Madra Ice Field Scene 32L: Amorika Castle
Scene 25L: Brigantes Castle Scene 33L: Wyoburi Volcano
Scene 26L: Vahanna Plateau Scene 34L: Heigm Castle
Scene 27L: Coritani Castle Scene 35L: Rime
Scene 28L: Krizar Scene 36L: Fiduc Castle


Four weeks have passed since the Bacrum Army occupied Rime... Everybody thought Bacrum would continue moving its troops and attack Amorika Castle. On the contrary, Bacrum did not move at all. The Dark Knights did not move from Fiduc Castle. Do they plan on expanding their front line? Nobody knows exactly what the Dark Knights are planning...

Barbatos could not wait any longer and moved a huge number of troops to attack Amorika Castle. By having a large number of troops, he thought he could minimize his damages and figured that Bacrum would not dare get involved in battle. The Gargastan headquarters located near the Coritan region are protected by the Barnam Mountains. Nobody can attack Gargastan without passing through Amorika first. The Cardinal took this geographical advantage into consideration and figured it would be wise to bring all of his troops to Amorika Castle. Denim got the news that the Gargastan Army was assembled in the Swanzi Forest.

Scene 22L: Fiduc Castle

The Chapter begins at Fiduc Castle, where Balzepho the Dark Knight is having a meeting with a couple of his fellow Dark Knights, Barbas and Martym. Balzepho reprimands Barbas for acting on his own at Rime without permission, and Martym echoes Balzepho's sentiments. Balzepho doesn't need Martym's help, and reminds him that he did not have permission to speak. Barbas justifies his actions by saying that he was simply following Branta's orders, but Balzepho does not buy into that explanation. Balzepho then accuses Barbas of simply wanting to fight against the Zenobian Knights that were stationed in Rime, and Barbas retorts by saying that they have nothing to worry about because Gargastan and Walsta will destroy each other. Dark Knight Lans enters the room, accompanied by two other Knights. Balzepho welcomes his lord back to the castle along with his two guests, Dark Knights Oz and Ozma Gracious. Lans tells Balzepho to calm down and inquires about the status of Gargastan.

Balzepho informs Lans that the entire Gargastan Army has gathered in the Swanzi Forest, and they are poised to attack Amorika Castle. Lans tells Balzepho to send a messenger to Dark Knight Volac back at Heigm. Volac needs to raise his defenses to restrict Branta's military movements.

Lans tells Barbas that he is sending him to Heigm, which causes Barbas to complain. Lans then tells him to calm down, and gives him the real reason why he is sending him there. Apparently the Valeria Liberation Front has rescued Plancy from Heigm, and Lans wants Barbas' help in bringing him back. Barbas decides to cooperate. Next, Lans gives Oz and Ozma the order to deal with the Valeria Liberation Front, saying that the trouble the group causes cannot continue. He gives Dark Knight Andoras the order to continue searching for Manafloa, and asks Balzepho to take Martym and monitor the situation between Gargastan and Walsta. Now that the plan has been set, each of the Dark Knights sets off to complete their assigned task...

Scene 23L: Amorika Castle

The scene opens with Denim rushing to get out of Amorika Castle. Kachua stops him and asks him if he really plans to pass through the Brigania Plains. Denim says that he has no choice because the plan is already set in motion, and if he does not hurry Vice's life will be in danger. We go to a flashback of a previous meeting...

Denim, Vice, Kachua are at the meeting along with a Knight named Payton, an Exorcist named Beilev, and a Priest named Apsala. They review their current situation, and things do not look good against the Gargastan Army. Vice emphasizes that there is no more Walsta Liberation Army or Neo Walsta Liberation Ally--the two groups have merged and are now working together. He mentions that since the entire Gargastan Army is gathered at Swanzi Forest, this is the best and only chance they have to kill Cardinal Barbatos, which is the key to winning the war. Denim says that there is no way to get to Coritani Castle right now, but Vice says that there is one way--sneaking up on Coritani from behind via the Brigania Plain. Kachua immediately protests, saying that it would be a suicide mission, but Vice says that it is the only way. Denim agrees to give it a shot. Payton says that they will be relying on Denim since they will be fighting against the Gargastan Army in Swanzi and will basically be bait. Beilev prays that Denim will have the courage and ability to carry out this tough mission. And the flashback ends...

Back in the present, Denim tells Kachua that he has no choice but to go. Kachua then says that he is leaving him, but Denim tells her to stop whining. He tells her to go back to Griate if she wishes, but she just says that she doesn't want to be alone. Denim reminds Kachua about their larger goal--avenging their father's death, and she reveals to him that Plancy is not their real father--they were adopted. Kachua tells him that everything she has ever known is a lie, and that he chose the war over her. She storms out of the castle, saying to Denim that he is the only family she has left; Denim calls Kachua back, but she keeps on going...

Scene Theta: Amorika Castle

Required Conditions: Go in the Warren Report and under the "News" section, open up the scene titled "Best Friend."

This scene is one that took place just as Vice was preparing to go to the Swanzi Forest. Vice says that he will leave matters in Denim's hands as he is leaving. Denim asks Vice if he will forgive him, but Vice says that he cannot. He says that Denim can, however, redeem himself. Denim did what he thought was best at the time, but was just a little dumber than Vice was. Denim can atone for his mistake by fighting to end the war, redeeming the souls of the people who died in Baramus.

Kachua tells Vice not to be so harsh towards Denim, but Denim says that it is okay. Vice says that he must go, and Denim thanks him--however, Vice says not to thank him yet because he hasn't forgiven him. Vice sets off on his mission, leaving Denim to fulfill his part.

Scene 24L: Madra Ice Field

Denim: (to his troops) ...It's cold. I don't think there are enemies hiding around here. Let's go to Brigantes Castle.
(A group of Lizard Men and Dragons appear)
Denim: There're dragons here!

Battle 23L: Madra

Objective: Kill all enemies!
Enemies: 4 Lizard Men, 4 White Dragons
Union: Unknown
  • This battle isn't overly difficult, but you have to be careful not to rush into the heat of battle unless you're thoroughly prepared. The fact that many of your enemies in this stage are water-elemental will probably give them the advantage, especially in the case of the White Dragons, whose breath attacks can severely damage your team members as well as put them to sleep. Any Dragoons that you have by now will be very helpful, along with indirect attackers and supplemental magic users.

Denim: Let's head for Brigantes Castle!

Scene 25L: Brigantes Castle

At this point, you have the option of going to either West Brigantes or South Brigantes.

(West Brigantes, outside of the castle)

Bingam: You are Denim of Griate! What are you doing here?! Oh well, don't bother! This is my big chance to get in good with the boss!! (to his comrades) C'mon, guys!

Hawk Man
Battle 24L(w): West Brigantes

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Bingam
Enemies: 3 Hawk Men, 4 Lizard Men, 2 Octopuses
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • This is not the least bit obvious, but if you kill the Octopuses, one of them will leave HealRain behind.

Canopus: We have to defeat him, before this storm turns into a blizzard.

Bingam: No...I don't want to...die...

(South Brigantes, outside of the castle)

Kurkly: You are Denim from Griate! What made you come here?! Never mind. I was getting bored anyway. Why don't you guys challenge me?

Battle 24L(s): South Brigantes

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Kurkly
Enemies: 3 Ninjas, 2 Valkyries, 1 Witch, 1 Cleric, 2 Golems
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • The enemy Witch has HealRain. Kill her or persuade her to get it, as you won't be able to get it for a while otherwise.

Canopus: We have to defeat him, before this storm turns into a blizzard.

Kurkly: I...I...never thought I would be defeated by a...Walstanian...

(inside Brigantes Castle)

Didario: Denim, why have you attacked the castle? Are you trying to help the traitors that are imprisoned in the castle?
Denim: Traitors?
Didario: The traitors who are against our lord Barbatos. I never thought I'd see the day when a Walstan would help a Gargastan out... Now I know what you're up to! The Liberation Army in the Swanzi Forest is just a diversion! You guys are going to attack Coritani Castle from behind! I'm afraid I can't let you do that!

Battle 25L: Inside Brigantes

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Didario
Enemies: 3 Berzerkers, 1 Exorcist, 1 Siren, 2 Witches, 2 Earth Dragons
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • The Exorcist does not have Exorcism, so you ought to be able to bring your undead characters into this battle if you wish.

Didario: Long live the Cardinal!

In a different room, a Gargastan old man thanks Denim for saving him and his fellow Gargastan citizens. He realizes that Denim is Walstanian and asks him why he bothered to risk his life to save them, given that they are Gargastans and therefore Denim's enemies. At this point, you can say one of two things:

Denim:1. You're right.
2. You're wrong.

If you choose (1), the Gargastan old man will warn you that if you continue to fight the war with only yourself in mind, eventually the day will come when someone thinks you are wrong and opposes you. If you choose (2) though, the old man will say that he sees what you mean. He will ask another one of the captives, a man named Jenounes, what he plans to do now that he is free. Jenounes says that he would like to join you, and the old man asks you if you will accept him, given that he was once a member of Barbatos' "extermination squads." You'll welcome him to your ranks, and set off for Coritani Castle.

Join up!


Scene 26L: Vahanna Plateau

Kamlot: (to his comrades) Ah, I wanted to fight in Swanzi... I know my duty was to bring supplies. But I don't want to go to Brigantes. Swanzi is where all the action is. (it starts to snow) Just great, now it's what...?
(Denim and his troops arrive)
Denim: Are you the soldiers that are bringing in supplies for Gargastan?! We can't allow them to know our plans! We have no choice but to fight!!

Battle 26L: Vahanna

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Kamlot (drops Grease Shoes)
Enemies: 2 Ninjas, 1 Priest, 2 Hawk Men, 2 Gryphons
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • This battle is screwy for a couple of reasons. First of all, the Hawk Men are the only Hawk Men in the entire game to have a race other than "Indistinct." One is Gargastan, and the other is Walstanian. They will drop the Aileron when you defeat them.

  • Secondly, the Priest's Alignment is N--in order to be able to change into a Priest, a character's Alignment must be L! Anyway, she will drop the Heal All spell if you kill her.

  • Be sure to kill the two enemy Ninjas--one has the Spark Shoes, but more importantly, the other one will drop Petrify!

Kamlot: That's...why...I didn't want to...come here...

Scene 27L: Coritani Castle

Inside the conference room of Coritani, Barbatos has just received word that the Walsta Liberation Army in Swanzi has fallen. Overjoyed at the news, Barbatos says that one has fallen, and there are two left to go--Branta and the Dark Knights. However, Barbatos' celebration is cut short when a soldier barges in and informs him that Denim's forces are in front of the castle. Barbatos realizes that the troops in Swanzi were just a diversion!

(outside of the castle)
Denim: My name is Denim Powell! Denim of Griate! Your days are numbered, Barbatos! Your days of torture and abuse are over!
Orgeu: Where did you guys come from?! Don't you ever die?! (to his comrades) Listen up, boys! We're not going to allow them to come an inch closer to the castle until Zaebos comes back!

Hawk Man
Battle 27L: Coritani Entrance

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Orgeu
Enemies: 4 Berzerkers, 1 Wizard, 1 Witch, 1 Cleric, 2 Hawk Men
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • One of the enemy Berzerkers has the Aqua Hammer , and will leave it behind when defeated.

  • Keep an eye on Jenounes' HP during this battle. You'll want him to be in good health for the next battle, which you'll want to bring him along for if you want to recruit Oxyones later in Chapter Four.

Orgeu: This can't be...happening...

(inside the castle)

Guacharo: You're the leader of the Liberation Army?! I can still see the diaper hanging out of your pants...I never thought we would be attacked by a kid! No matter! I will make you regret coming here!!

Terror Knight
Battle 28L: Coritani

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Guacharo
Enemies: 2 Terror Knights, 1 Siren, 1 Witch, 2 Valkyries, 1 Cleric, 1 Priest, 1 Black Dragon
Union: Gargastan Kingdom

  • In case you didn't catch it before, make sure that you have Jenounes in this battle--otherwise, reload the game and get here again. If you want to be able to recruit Oxyones in Chapter Four, you'll need to initiate the conversation between Jenounes and Guacharo in this battle!

  • The enemy Priest has Heal All, and the Siren and Witch will each drop a Magi+++ when they are defeated.

  • In case you find yourself having a really rough time with the Terror Knights, try persuading them. They have low loyalty to their side, and you should be able to persuade them relatively easily even with full HP. Do save before you try it, though!

Jenounes: Nice to see you again, Guacharo. I've been waiting for this...
Guacharo: Look who's here! Jenounes the Betrayer! This is an unexpected surprise! I'll send you to Hell, traitor!!
Jenounes: That is my line, Guacharo! I'm going to pay you back for what you did to the other Dragoons!
Guacharo: Who gave you the right to talk like that? You were the one who killed them all!

Guacharo: Denim of Griate, listen. Your man Jenounes...burned down a village and killed innocent Dragoons. He's just a blood lusting bastard!
Jenounes: You told me that the village was a guerilla fortress, our men weren't supposed to be there!
Guacharo: I have no idea what you are talking about... It doesn't matter...either way, the fact of the matter is, you killed the Dragoons!!

Guacharo: You...Liberation Army...scum!

In the conference room of Coritani Castle, Denim confronts Cardinal Barbatos. Barbatos refuses to surrender, but Denim insists that he has no choice but to do so. Barbatos doesn't understand why, because his troops won in the Swanzi Forest. Denim and his troops close in, but Barbatos pulls out a knife, ordering them to stay back. Denim tells Barbatos to surrender because resistance is futile, but Barbatos says that he will not be killed by the Liberation Army. He stabs himself, and dies. Denim says that he was a fool for doing that, and wonders about how Vice and his companions are doing...

Scene 28L: Krizar

Shortly after Denim took over Coritani Castle, we come to Krizar to find out that Vice has not been so fortunate. He has been taken prisoner by Zaebos, the right-hand man of Barbatos, and is tied up helplessly in a house in Krizar. Zaebos tries to get information out of him, lashing him with a whip in order to get him to speak. Vice denies that he knows anything about Denim's plans, until a Gargastan soldier suddenly barges in. The soldier informs Zaebos that Coritani Castle has fallen, and that Cardinal Barbatos killed himself. Vice laughs, saying that Denim actually pulled off his crazy stunt--realizing that this was their plan all along, Zaebos delivers a swift kick to Vice's midsection. Vice falls to the floor, writhing in pain. Zaebos asks the soldier about the status of the remaining army, and is quite dismayed to hear that they only have 4 squads left. Zaebos tells the soldier to send 2 of the squads to Coritani Castle, saying that he will take the remaining 2 and take over Amorika Castle. The soldier leaves to fulfill his duty, and Zaebos vows to get revenge on Denim for his actions.

Scene 29L: Return From Coritani

At this point, you have the option of going through either Bordo Lakeside or Swanzi Forest to get to Tanmas Hill.

(Bordo Lakeside)

Mutsua: Damn you people of Walsta! How dare you kill the Cardinal! I will call the evil from the pits of Hell! Prepare yourself!
(summons undead characters and a Gremlin)
Mutsua: (to troops) Charge! Kill those bastards!!

Battle 29L(w): Bordo Lakeside

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Mutsua
Enemies: 2 Hawk Men, 3 Lizard Men, 1 Gremlin, 2 Skeletons, 1 Ghost
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • You may want to try persuading the Gremlin, since they don't appear very much in normal random battles. Despite the fact that they have low defense and HP, they are very good attackers, having the highest rate of growth in STR, AGI, and DEX. One of their skills, DeepKiss, can even turn enemies to stone!

Mutsua: May disaster fall upon you, Walstanian!

(Swanzi Forest)

Brutakox: Denim! I will avenge the Cardinal's death!

Battle 29L(s): Swanzi Forest

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Brutakox
Enemies: 2 Beast Tamers, 1 Cleric, 4 Lizard Men, 2 Gryphons
Union: Gargastan Kingdom

Brutakox: ...Cardinal...I'm...sorry...I couldn't...ungh...

Scene 30L: Tanmas Hill

Ganb: Hey, haven't we met before?! Well, what do you know! I never thought I would bump into you again. Belda and Obda, come! (they do) And this time, I have some new friends! Let me introduce you to them! Banga! Zanga! Come out! (they do)
(to Denim)
I will defeat you!

Beast Tamer


Battle 30L: Tanmas Hill

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Ganb
Enemies: Belda, Obda, Banga (Cockatrice, Water, N), Zanga (Cockatrice, Water, N)
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • If you kill Ganb's pets, he will become enraged and recover 50 HP for each one that you kill.

(if you kill his animals)
Ganb: Belda! My friend!
Ganb: Obda! Nooo!! What have you done?! You can't die!
Ganb: Banga! Forgive me! I will avenge you!
Ganb: Zanga! Your death will not be in vain!

(when he is down to critical HP)
Ganb: Damn it! Retreat! Just wait... Next time, I will get you! (escapes)

Scene 31L: Griate

While Denim and his comrades head to Amorika to stop Zaebos and rescue Vice, we see Kachua standing alone on a dock in Griate. Talking to herself, she says that Denim is the only family she has left. However, a voice cuts her off, saying that that is not true--she is a complete loner. Kachua asks who that is, and Dark Knight Lans appears. She asks him why he is in Griate, and he tells her about her birth--her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, and her father died several months before the war in Valeria began. She has no siblings, making her a complete loner. Kachua tells him that she has a brother in Denim, but Lans retorts by saying that Denim is not really her brother--while she is not Plancy's real child, Denim is. She asks Lans who she is, and he responds by telling her that her real name is Bersalia Overis.

Yes, Kachua is the daughter of the late King Dolgare! She does not believe him, but Lans tells her about how she is not the daughter of the late Queen. King Dolgare lusted after one of his servants, a maid named Manafloa, and it was she who conceived Kachua. Kachua still refuses to believe him, and he proves that his story is true by reading the inscription on her necklace and having her do the same. She asks him what he wants with her, and he tells her that he wants her to go with him to Heigm. At this time, Dark Knights Andoras and Volac appear, and the three escort Kachua to Heigm.

Scene Omnicron: Fort Bodo

Required Conditions: Go in the Warren Report and under the "News" section, open up the scene titled "The End."

At Fort Bodo, we see that Oz and Ozma have successfully accomplished the mission they were given at the beginning of the chapter. The Valeria Liberation Front has been completely eradicated, and the Dark Knights are taking care of last minute matters before leaving. Ozma successfully captured Plancy and sent him back to Heigm, and Oz tells the Dark Knights to burn the fort down, erasing any evidence that they were there. One of the Dark Knights found Selye, the leader of the Valeria Liberation Front, and brings her to Oz.

Selye tells Oz to go ahead and kill her, but Oz doesn't like taking orders from her. He tells his troops to take her away and do whatever they like with her. The Dark Knights thank him, and take Selye away. Selye tells them to take their perverted hands off of her, but they don't listen--all becomes dark, and we hear the sound of Selye being slain...

Scene 32L: Amorika Castle

(outside of the castle)
Zildor: So you are Denim Powell, the leader of the Liberation Army! You really screwed us in Coritani Castle, didn't you? Well, it's payback time!

Battle 31L: Amorika Entrance

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Zildor (drops Galdia Fan)
Enemies: 2 Berzerkers, 2 Terror Knights, 1 Witch, 2 Archers, 1 Earth Dragon, 1 Black Dragon
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
  • The enemy Witch has Petrify, but she will not necessarily drop it--you'll need to persuade her to get it!

  • Also, the Black Dragon will leave a HolyOrb behind when you kill it.
Zildor: Barbatos...forgive me...

(inside the castle)

Zaebos: We are the only survivors of the Gargastan Army. Take a good look at us kid! This is how a true warrior dies!

Battle 32L: Amorika

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Zaebos (drops Fafniel)
Enemies: 4 Knights, 1 Wizard, 1 Witch, 2 Valkyries, 1 Cleric
Union: Gargastan Kingdom

  • The enemy Witch has HealRain, in case you feel like persuading her to get it.

Zaebos: Why...? I can't be defeated by the Walstanian slugs...
Denim: This has nothing to do with ethnicity! We're not anything like you!
Denim: I am not only fighting for the Walstanians! You guys are like the Duke and the Cardinal! The ethnic war was only an excuse to control Valeria.
Zaebos: Ha, ha, ha...listen to hypocrite! That is nonsense! You betray your people...betray your comrades...and now you betray yourself. (dies)
Denim: I am not a hypocrite...

In another room, Denim enters with Canopus and Vice to find Guildus, Mildain, and Warren. The latter three had escaped from a concentration camp in Rime where they had been held since the Bacrum Army invaded Rime. Lans has not returned yet, and no one has any idea of where he is. For the meantime though, Guildus asks if Denim is going to attack Fiduc Castle. He says yes, but Canopus says that he doesn't know how they are going to get to Rime. The only way is through the Gruborza Plain, but they would hit the Bacrum Army head on if they went that way. Vice has an idea--by passing through the Barnam Mountains, they can take a side route to get to Rime. That is apparently the best way to go! Guildus says that he and Mildain would like to join Denim and Vice's team. They do, and start preparing for the attack on Rime.

Join up!

White Knight
Join up!

White Knight

Join up!

Join up!


Join up!

Join up!


Scene 33L: Wyoburi Volcano

Denim: (to his comrades) I want to minimize our casualties before we get to Rime. Be careful everyone!

Battle 33L: Wyoburi

Objective: Kill all enemies!
Enemies: 2 Red Dragons, 2 Gryphons, 1 Lizard Man, 1 Faerie, 2 Gremlins
Union: Unknown
  • The Lizard Man has the Spark Shoes, in case you feel like persuading him to get them.

  • You can also persuade the Red Dragons and go back to Coritani, where you can auction them off and buy Fire Swords.

Denim: The real war has just begun! Let's move!

Scene 34L: Heigm

While Denim and his companions are on their way to Rime, a Bacrumese Knight delivers news to Branta at Heigm. The Liberation Army has gained a lot of power since it united with the Neo Walsta Liberation Ally and a number of anti-Barbatos groups. Branta is extremely upset at hearing this, and orders the Knight to send the remaining troops of the Bacrum Army to attack Amorika. He blames the disaster on the Dark Knights, since they prevented him from attacking Amorika when it was prone to attack. Volac asks Branta to wait a minute, and to think about whether or not the remainder of the Bacrum Army can defeat the Liberation Army. Branta asks Volac if that means that the Roslolians will not help the Bacrum Army, and Volac tells Branta to remember the vow that he made to the King of Lodis. Branta retorts by saying that the King of Lodis promised to help him become King of Valeria, but has not yet fulfilled that vow. Therefore, the Roslolians have no right to enforce the vow that he made to them.

Volac tells Branta to calm down, and that there is a reason why the Dark Knights have not yet dealt with the Liberation Army. Branta asks him what the Roslolians are up to, and if they have sided with the Liberation Army. Volac is shocked, and asks if Branta does not trust them anymore--Branta says that that's not it, but what should he think if they don't do something? Volac reassures Branta that the Dark Knights will take care of everything. Branta accepts Volac's word, and sits back on his throne. Things seem to be patched up for now...

Scene 35L: Rime

(a man is walking through the city at night when two Bacrumese soldiers find him)
Bacrum Knight: Don't you know there is a curfew now?!
Stranger: ...It's night now? I didn't know... Forgive me. I am blind and I cannot see...
Bacrum Knight: Who are you?! (Ozma enters)
Ozma: What's going on here?!
Wizard: Ozma, there is a stranger...
Ozma: (to stranger) Who are you? Look at me.
Bacrum Knight: Well, what's wrong with you?! Do as she says!!
Ozma: Haborym?! You're Haborym!!
Man called Haborym: You are confusing me with someone else. My name is not Haborym.
Ozma: No, I'm pretty sure! How did you get on this island?!
(Denim and his troops arrive)
Wizard: What in the world?! Where the hell did he come from?!
Denim: I am Denim Powell, the leader of the Liberation Army! Whoever wants to live, drop your sword and leave this town! Whoever opposes will die!
(during the distraction, Haborym runs away)
Bacrum Knight: So, you are a spy of the Liberation Army! Stop acting like you're blind! (Bacrum Knight calls for reinforcements)
Denim: (to his comrades) Attack!!

Temple Commando
Battle 34L: Rime

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Ozma (drops Rosebud Whip)
Enemies: 1 Knight, 1 Terror Knight, 1 Wizard, 1 Archer, 1 Dragon Tamer, 1 Siren, 1 Thunder Dragon, 1 Black Dragon
Union: Dark Knight Roslolian, Bacrum Valeria Country
Guests: Haborym
  • Haborym is his own worst enemy in this battle--he will rush in and attack Ozma, who can kill him in two hits. Therefore, you've got to take the initiative to save him from himself! Try petrifying him and using Jump to get him on a rooftop, where he'll be safe from most enemies. Be sure to keep a healer near him!

  • There's a lot of unique treasure to be won in this battle. The Wizard will drop Kaminari and the Siren will drop Fenril; the Knight will drop the Grease Shoes, and the Terror Knight will drop the Warp Shoes. Furthermore, there are a couple of buried treasures to be found (refer to the Map Section of the Walkthrough)

Ozma: I can't believe I lost!! Oz...avenge my death...maintain the honor of the... (dies)

After the battle, the man will thank Denim and introduce himself as Haborym Vandam. Once he finds out that it was the Hero of Griate who saved him, he will ask to join Denim's fight against the Dark Knights. He mentions that they were the ones that took his sight, and that he has other reasons for hating them. His skills with a sword are second to none, and it's your choice whether or not to recruit him. Assuming that you do...

Join up!

Sword Master

Scene 36L: Fiduc Castle

At this point, you have the option of going to either West Fiduc or South Fiduc.

(West Fiduc, outside of the castle)

Mercury: Fools!! They are attacking us from the front. Stupid bastards!

Sword Master
Battle 35L(w): West Fiduc

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Mercury (drops Wing Armor)
Enemies: 1 Terror Knight, 2 Archers, 2 Dragon Tamers, 1 White Dragon, 1 Black Dragon, 1 Wizard, 1 Siren
Union: Bacrum Valeria Country
  • One Archer has the Light Bow, the other has the Ice Bow, the Terror Knight has the Aqua Armor, the Wizard has MagmaGod, and the Siren has Gnome. Kill these enemies to get their equipment, but be sure to keep away from Mercury or else you'll kill him with counter attacks before you can get all of the special equipment.

  • Once you've killed some of the enemies, Mercury will call for reinforcements each round, causing random Soldiers, Amazons, Sirens, and Knights to appear. Unless you're looking for extra kills or experience, it'd be wise to head straight for Mercury once you've gotten all of the special equipment!

Mercury: What are the Dark Knights of Roslolian doing...? Have

(South Fiduc, outside of the castle)

Bestear: The Roslolians will be here soon, don't worry guys! Charge!

Battle 35L(s): South Fiduc

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Bestear (drops Phoenix Armor)
Enemies: 4 Knights, 2 Wizards, 2 Archers, 1 Cleric
Union: Bacrum Valeria Country

  • One Archer has the Sand Bow, the other has the Fire Bow, one of the Knights has the Granite Armor, one Wizard has MagmaGod, and the other Wizard has Gnome. Kill these enemies to get their equipment. Try to keep your characters somewhat apart from each other and facing Bestear. She uses Charm and Stun, which can cause big trouble for your team--following the aforementioned tip will minimize her success rate with those spells.

  • Once you've killed some of the enemies, Bestear will call for reinforcements each round, causing random Knights, Wizards, and Priests to appear. Unless you're looking for extra kills or experience, it'd be wise to head straight for Bestear once you've gotten all of the special equipment!

Bestear: Why haven't the Roslolians arrived yet...? What's taking them so long...?

Inside the castle, Oz reports to Balzepho that Denim's forces have broken through the front gates. Things are looking grim for the Dark Knights, but Oz tells Balzepho to escape with Lans and Kachua and leave Denim to him. Balzepho accepts Oz's request and wishes him luck as he prepares to leave the castle.

As Denim enters Fiduc Castle, he encounters Kachua. He runs toward her to embrace her, but she pulls out a knife and swings it at him. He falls back, stunned. At this time, Lans Tartare appears and tells Kachua to come with him. Oz enters the room as well, and tells Lans to hurry and escape before it is too late. Lans says goodbye, and he and Kachua leave the castle. Oz tells Denim that he is going to get revenge against Denim for killing his sister, and jumps down to fight him.

Temple Commando
Battle 36L: Inside Fiduc

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Oz
Union: Dark Knight Roslolian
  • This is only a short one-on-one fight between Denim and Oz. Your main goal should be to get Oz's HP down while keeping your own HP as high as possible. The battle doesn't end here! Depending on how you trained Denim, your fighting strategy may be a little different. If Denim has decent INT, you may want to change him into a Ninja and give him the summon spell (MagmaGod, Gnome, Fenril, or Kaminari) that matches his element. You can focus all of the spell's blows on Oz, and you should end the "duel" part of this battle without sustaining a single blow. You'll get to change Denim's class and equipment before the complete battle.

Oz: Damn!! I can understand why my sister was killed! (calls troops)

Now the real fun begins!

Temple Commando
Battle 37L: Inside Fiduc

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leaders: Oz (drops Gramrock)
Enemies: 1 Wizard, 1 Witch, 2 Valkyries, 1 Cleric, 2 Templar Knights
Union: Dark Knight Roslolian
  • You're probably not thinking about items right now, but you may want to note that the enemy Cleric has a Wing Ring. Try and get it from her if you get the chance!

Oz: I can't believe this... How...can...I be this...child... Ozma...I am sorry...I couldn't...avenge... (dies)
Denim: Kachua, why...?

Ending Thought: It is easy to deceive people, but it's hard to deceive yourself. Will my life be easier if I can do that...?

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