Chapter Three, Lawful Route: Betrayed


Four weeks have passed since the Bacrum Army occupied Rime... Everybody thought Bacrum would continue moving its troops and attack Amorika Castle. On the contrary, Bacrum did not move at all. The Dark Knights did not move from Fiduc Castle. Do they plan on expanding their front line? Nobody knows exactly what the Dark Knights are planning...

Barbatos could not wait any longer and moved a huge number of troops to attack Amorika Castle. By having a large number of troops, he thought he could minimize his damages and figured that Bacrum would not dare get involved in battle. The Gargastan headquarters located near the Coritan region are protected by the Barnam Mountains. Nobody can attack Gargastan without passing through Amorika first. The Cardinal took this geographical advantage into consideration and figured it would be wise to bring all of his troops to Amorika Castle. Denim got the news that the Gargastan Army was assembled in the Swanzi Forest.

Table of Contents

Scene 25L: Fiduc Castle Scene 33L: Tanmas Hill
Scene 26L: Amorika Castle Scene 34L: Griate
Scene Theta: Amorika Castle Scene Omnicron: Fort Bodo
Scene 27L: Madra Ice Field Scene 35L: Amorika Castle
Scene 28L: Brigantes Castle Scene 36L: Amorika Castle
Scene 29L: Vahanna Plateau Scene 37L: Wyoburi Volcano
Scene 30L: Coritani Castle Scene 38L: Heigm Castle
Scene 31L: Krizar Scene 39L: Rime
Scene 32L: Return From Coritani Scene 40L: Fiduc Castle

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