Chapter Three, Neutral Route: Could not save him...


Four weeks have passed since the Bacrum Army occupied Rime... After the fierce battle in Rime, Bacrum continued to invade the south. But the Walsta Liberation Army, having absorbed some of the Gargastan troops, was able to stop the invasion of Bacrum. The battle between the Walsta Liberation Army and the Bacrum Army at the Gruborza Plain came to a dead lock. Branta, the leader of the Bacrum Army, was becoming anxious. The odds of winning the war was now fifty-fifty. However, if Duke Ronway gets complete control of the Gargastan Army, it is obvious that Bacrum will lose its chance for victory. Branta asked the Dark Knights several times for support, but the Roslolians ignored him and stayed in Fiduc Castle. Duke Ronway's army was not organized either and felt uneasy to see the Dark Knights not making a move. He was not sure if the secret treaty he had with the Roslolians was still valid... Both Bacrum and Walsta were not sure of anything...

Table of Contents

Scene 25N: Fiduc Castle Scene 33N: Fort Damsa
Scene 26N: Amorika Castle Scene 34N: Griate
Scene 27N: Fort Bodo Scene 35N: Amorika Castle
Scene 28N: Amorika Castle Scene Kappa: Griate
Scene 29N: Tanmas Hill Scene 36N: Coritani Castle
Scene Gamma: Krizar Scene 37N: Wyoburi Volcano
Scene Epsilon: Fort Kadoriga Scene 38N: Rime
Scene 30N: Ashton Scene 39N: Amorika Castle
Scene 31N: Mount Hedon Scene 40N: Fiduc Castle
Scene 32N: Banhamuba Shrine

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