Denim Powell (Mown)

(You choose his element; his alignment depends on your choices)

His real name is Denim Mown. He used to believe that he was Walstanian, but found out that he is really Bacrumese. Mown is the leader of a Knight Battalion that eventually replaces the Walsta Liberation Army, which he was once a member of. His decisions during the events at Baramus greatly influence what happens in the rest of the game.

If Denim chooses to go along with the Duke's plan to massacre the villagers of Baramus, then he remains in the Liberation Army as a high-ranking officer, until Duke Ronway (and almost Denim himself) is assassinated by Leonard. After Duke Ronway's death, Denim's Knight Battalion emerges as the primary Liberation force in Valeria, fighting against the remaining Gargastan troops, the Bacrumese troops, and eventually the Roslolian Dark Knights. Denim and his Battalion manage to triumph over all of these groups.

If Denim refuses to go along with the Duke's orders, then he is branded a fugitive, being the one who is blamed for the massacre. Constantly on the run with his sister Kachua, he eventually finds his way back to Amorika Castle after Kachua is kidnapped. Once there, he confronts his old friend, Vice, and they fight until Leonard breaks the fight up. At this point, Denim again has a game-altering decision to make--to rejoin or not to rejoin the Walsta Liberation Army. If he refuses, then he continues his life of hiding from bounty hunters and now Leonard, who is assigned the task of hunting him down. Eventually, Leonard and Denim meet, and Denim emerges victorious. Duke Ronway is assassinated shortly after, and Denim then takes his Battalion and leads them into war with the Bacrumese and the Roslolians.

If Denim does rejoin the Walsta Liberation Army though, he is welcomed back into the ranks, and is ordered to hunt down Vice, who had since left the Army as a result of Denim's rejoining. Denim ends up confronting and killing a major Knight of the Roslolians, and as a result, Duke Ronway decides to attack the Roslolians directly (since all hope for peace was lost due to the dead Dark Knight). On the way to Fiduc to launch the attack, Ronway is assassinated by a battered and bloody Vice. Leonard is killed in the attack on Fiduc Castle, leaving Denim as the sole leader of the Walsta Liberation Army.

Regardless of which path Denim takes, he ends up finding out from his dying father that his sister Kachua is in great danger in the hands of the Roslolians. So Denim and the Liberation Army set out to rescue her. If the attempt to rescue her fails and she dies, Denim is then given the responsibility of ruling Valeria. However, if he is the ruler, the people don't welcome him as warmly as they would have welcomed Kachua, daughter of Dolgare. If he is made king, he is eventually assassinated by an angry Walstanian terrorist while giving a public address. If Kachua lives she becomes ruler, and Denim takes a journey to Zenobia, the land where the Holy Knight Lans was born...

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