The Warren Report

Warren: Greetings. I am Warren Moon, and the general reporter for Tactics Ogre. In this report, you will find information on all kinds of characters, even ones that aren't normally listed in the game.

Chris: We're going to have a competition in which a random character (from games other than Tactics Ogre) will be artistically represented, and the first person to send in the correct identity will be featured in the Winner's Arena! I'll slip some tough ones by you, so keep on your toes!

Mystery Character 45

Send an e-mail to if you think you know who this is!


Chris: Before we actually start the descriptions, we've got to quickly go over one thing, especially for the new folks. When you are looking at someone's description, you will see one of the following four symbols:

Chris: These symbols represent the four elements--from left to right, they read as Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. Every person has a guardian element. Also, there will be either an L (Law), an N, (Neutral) or a C (Chaos) in the symbol. Those are the alignment symbols. See the bottom of the tutorial page for further explanation.

Warren: Now that we're past that, I'll start the character descriptions. Click on the name of the person you want to learn about. Not everyone will be added at once--there'll be more than what you see before you. And I'll be sure to update the main Tactics Ogre Page and let you know when new people are added.


Denim Kachua Vice Holy Knight Lans Astrologist Warren Wind Rider Canopus
White Knight Mildain White Knight Guildus Dark Knight Lans Dark Knight Balzepho Dark Knight Barbas Dark Knight Martym
Dark Knight Andoras Dark Knight Oz Dark Knight Ozma Dark Knight Volac Duke Ronway Knight Leonard
Father Presance Voltel Sara Felicia Aloser Knight Forcas
Magician Byan Windy Sisteena Fire Selye Water Olivia Earth Shelley Zapan
Necromancer Nybbas Monk Orias Knight Debordes Cardinal Barbatos Knight Zaebos Dragoon Jenounes
Dragon Tamer Oxyones Blade Master Haborym Knight Payton Father Beilev Priest Apsala Valkyrie Festa
Knight Tamuzu Magician Kamos Pirate Erig Warlock Radlum Poisoner Falfadet White Wizard Vepar
Demon Belzbute Sorceror Mordiart Summoner Ramidos Sorceror Brutakox Summoner Mutsua High Priest Moruba
Bishop Branta Father Plancy Conceited Ganb Witch Deneb Gunner Rendal

Mystery Characters

Thundergod Cid Holy Knight Agrias Sorcerer Saradin White Knight Wiegraf Overlord Hikash Knight Ashe
General Previa General Luvalon General Figaro General Debonair Shrine Knight Vormav Paladin Rauny
Prince Tristan High Knight Fenril Monk Norn Knight Cyan High Knight Slust High Knight Fogel
Knight Ragnar Temple Knight Beowulf Shrine Knight Meliadoul Shrine Knight Rofel Shrine Knight Kletian Shrine Knight Izlude
Fuse Cristo Princess Alena Brey Angel Yushis Dragoon Kain
Vincent Knight Camus Knight Miklotov Dekar Shamino Soldier Cloud
Aron Warrior Escad Knight Garland Dion Sean Dragoner Reis
King Edgar Saro Phoebe General Hauser Ortega Duran
Guardsman Strom Enchanter Albeleo Prince Kiefer General Sheex Ray Dupre
Arris The Sage General Lune Crusader Adol Wanderer Yurist


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