Phoebe lives in a foreign land, and is the grandaughter of a legendary explorer named Spencer, whose name is known throughout the land. Her hometown is called Aquaria, and it is known all over the world for its pure supply of water. One day, however, an unknown force caused the four elements to go berserk in her land, freezing Aquaria's water supply and leaving the town covered in an unmelting sheet of ice. Among those who were trapped underground by the ice was Spencer himself--Phoebe desperately began to search for a way to help her grandfather out of the ice.

Eventually, a legendary hero by the name of Benjamin came along and decided to help Phoebe with her task. They journeyed together, and eventually made their way up to a frozen pyramid that sat at the top of the steepest plateau in the Aquaria region. After many rough battles inside they made it to where the legendary Water Crystal was. A huge, frozen monster called the Ice Golem had taken control of the Crystal's power and was using it to keep Aquaria frozen; Benjamin and Phoebe wasted no time in defeating the monster and restoring warmth to Aquaria.

Spencer gave Benjamin some assistance in his quest, and Benjamin eventually found the long lost Captain Mac, who had been stranded on a cliff near the Kingdom of Windia for some time. Benjamin planned to borrow Captain Mac's ship to get to Doom Castle, where the Dark King (the "unknown force") resided, but almost all of Benjamin's comrades were injured or otherwise occupied. Phoebe was the only ally left to accompany him to the castle--after many fierce battles and a grueling duel with the Dark King himself, the duo was able to restore peace and light to their world.

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