Saro is the leader of a group of monsters that roam the lands of Burland, Santeem, and other kingdoms in the same general vicinity. Being half human and half elf, he fell in love with an elf named Rosa--he built her a town in her name (Rosaville) and appointed one of his best Knights as her personal bodyguard. Over time, dwarves started to migrate to Rosaville and eventually formed the base population of the town; as humans continued to shun monsters and build their towns and castles without regard for the habitats of monsters, Saro found himself more and more isolated from his human roots.

Saro entered a fighting tournament in the Kingdom of Endor, and almost won the tournament and control of the Kingdom when Alena, the Princess of Santeem, began to pose a threat to his seemingly certain victory. Rather than stay to fight Alena, Saro disappeared from Endor; shortly after, the people of Santeem disappeared without a trace. Linking the disappearance of her people to that of Saro, Alena and her companions set out to find him and settle their issues once and for all.

But Saro was nowhere to be found; as time passed, he continued to dislike humans even more due to the way they treated the monsters. He vowed to help the monsters regain their prominence in the land by conquering the humans, one kingdom at a time. He worked diligently to achieve this goal, to the point where even Rosa tried to talk him out of it. She was unsuccessful in her attempts.

Eventually, a rumor about elves crying ruby teardrops began to spread; humans then began hunting elves for their teardrops. Rosa was captured in time, and the humans beat her to death trying to get ruby teardrops from her. Upon hearing this, Saro's hatred towards humans increased a thousandfold--he changed his goal from conquering the humans to killing them.

Absolutely livid, Saro began researching a notion called the "Secret of Evolution" which in theory would allow him to evolve into an omnipotent being. He gathered the various artifacts required for the evolution process, and set out to begin the evolution; as a precautionary measure, he secluded himself in the isolated Dire Palace. His appearance changed over time as he became more powerful and evolved slowly into Necrosaro--after the Chosen Ones defeated Esturk, the Ruler of Evil, Necrosaro took over as the New Ruler of Evil. He made his way to the Dark World, and the Chosen Ones followed him there. In an epic battle, the eight Chosen Ones defeated Necrosaro, releasing his vengeful soul and reuniting him with his love, Rosa.

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