Edgar Roni Figaro

Edgar is one of the two sons born to the late King of Figaro, who passed away due to some actions of the Vector Empire. His brother is a master of martial arts named Sabin, and when the King of Figaro died there was a bit of confusion as to which son would be his successor on the throne. Of course, Edgar and Sabin seemed to care the least about which one of them became the next King of Figaro.

Sabin could not handle his father's death very well, and wanted to leave the land rather than become King. After a private discussion, Edgar assumed the responsibilities of being King and allowed his brother to do as he wished. Aside from being King of Figaro, Edgar is a very intelligent engineer who has designed a number of tools that he uses in battle. He is very "in touch" with the latest technology, as he helped redesign Figaro Castle so that it could move underground!

As a rebel faction called "The Returners" began to emerge to face the Vector Empire, Edgar maintained a loose alliance with the Empire to keep them from destroying his homeland. However, as the resistance movement began to gain power, Edgar eventually decided to switch sides, as that had been his plan from the very start. Figaro's resources were of great assistance to the Returners, and helped them get Vector into a position to negotiate.

Vector soon went back on its agreements with the Returners, and continued to search for ultimate power. Kefka, who was Emperor Gestahl's right-hand man, betrayed the Emperor and used the power of the legendary Goddess statues to completely reshape the face of the planet. Life began to fade away fast, and Edgar had to find and restore Figaro Castle before he could go on; thanks to a group of thieves he managed to fool, Edgar found his castle stuck underground. It was a matter of hours before the castle was back to the surface and back in business--now Edgar and his allies continue their search for power that can compete with the power of Kefka.

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