Reis Dular

Reis is the true love of Beowulf, who was one of the most respected Knights of the Church of Glabados. There was a priest named Buremonda who also loved Reis, and became very jealous when she declared her love for Beowulf; as a result, he put a curse on Reis that turned her into a Dragon. Buremonda also worked to get Beowulf excommunicated from the Church of Glabados--it was easy to do after Beowulf found out about Buremonda's actions and went after him.

Exiled from the church, Beowulf became a monster hunter and traveled all over Ivalice to find his long lost love, Reis. Reis wasn't just any dragon, though--due to the purity of her soul, she became the legendary Holy Dragon. Beowulf searched high and low for the Holy Dragon, and arrived just in time to help Reis fend off an angry demon.

After a bit more journeying, Beowulf got a hold of the Cancer Stone, which is one of the Twelve Zodiac Stones of Ivalian mythology. He used the powers of the stone on Reis at Nelveska Temple to lift her curse and restore her human form. Although Reis is now a human again, she retained some of the power that she had as the Holy Dragon; along with Beowulf, Reis is currently aiding Ramza Beoulve in his quest to save his sister.

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