Sean is a grandson of the mighty Orakian hero Rhys. Sean's father is Ayn, who is Rhys' son and therefore of Orakian blood, and his mother is Thea, the daughter of a well known Layan warrior named Lyle. Lyle has the power to change into a dragon, and as a matter of fact it was he that captured Rhys' love Maia and triggered Rhys to go on a journey in the first place.

When he was an adventurer, Sean's father Ayn had to rescue Lyle's daughter Thea because she had been captured by some rogues. Sean fell in love with Thea, and they were married and moved to the nearby satellite of Azura to start over, once they had liberated it from an ancient cyborg named Siren.

Siren vowed revenge upon his defeat, and eventually got it as he managed to destroy Azura sometime down the road. Ayn and Thea couldn't bear to leave Azura and died with it, but they told Sean to escape and return to Landen, his grandfather's homeland. Sean is currently recruiting allies and trying to uncover and defeat the dark force that is threatening to destroy Alisa III, his home.

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