Dion is a warrior that grew up during some very troubled times. His homeland is in danger because a powerful being named Xagor created a warp between his world and the ocean floor of an alternate world called the Pure Land. In essence, the Pure Land's ocean is being drained into Dion's world, causing the water level to rise ever so slowly; as time passes, more and more of Dion's world is becoming submerged underwater. A number of towns are already underwater, and the few that remain are in danger unless the flow of water can be stopped.

As soon as Dion was old enough to leave his hometown of Dharm, he became the leader of a rebel group based in a futuristic city called Viper. He worked with doctors and scientists to form a successful group, and was even able to find a way to get to the Pure Land to stop Xagor. In the Pure Land Dion continued to search for Xagor, who he eventually discovered hiding in a castle that was protected by a strong barrier. There were four heroes (named Arthur, Curtis, Gloria, and Sharon) that accompanied Dion on his mission to destroy the barrier-generating machine. Traveling through the perilous Underworld, they reached the machine after many battles--however, the machine was well-protected and difficult to destroy.

Dion, however, had had a bomb implanted in himself during some surgery that followed a previous accident; using this to his advantage, he sacrificed himself to destroy the machine.

There is a legendary doctor in Dion's world named Dr. Belski who would be able to restore Dion. However Arthur, Curtis, Gloria, and Sharon must first find and destroy Xagor to save their world...

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