Garland was a powerful Knight that once served the King of a distant land called Corneria. He was a diligent, but brash man, who never hesitated to remind everyone about how strong he was. His actions and words certainly did not endear him to his fellow Knights and the residents of Corneria, but he was still a tremendous asset to the Corneria Honor Guard.

One day however, he upset the wrong people, who ended up conspiring to get rid of Garland once and for all. They managed to spread rumors that Garland had committed acts of rape and assault, and word got to the King of Corneria; although the rumors were actually false, the King stripped Garland of his rank and banished him from Corneria because he didn't want to take any chances.

Having been dishonored for something he didn't do, Garland began to develop a hatred for the people of Corneria--he vowed revenge on those who had framed him and those who had used the rumors as an excuse to get rid of him. One day on a nearby field he encountered Sara, the Princess of Corneria; he kidnapped her and brought her to a nearby temple, where he planned to sacrifice her to the legendary Fiends of the Elements. Upon hearing this news, the King desperately sought a group of brave warriors to rescue his daughter.

A group of four warriors (later called the Light Warriors) answered his call for help, and crossed the monster-filled plains to get to the Temple of Fiends. There was an epic showdown between Garland and the Light Warriors, and Garland died a warrior's death during the battle.

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