Escad is a powerful swordsman who is known throughout his native land for his courage, skill, and ego to match. While he is sometimes a bit overconfident about his abilities, he has a good heart and is very loyal to and protective of his friends. He is from a region called the Gato Grottoes, which is a sacred place in his homeland.

One of his best friends while growing up was a priestess named Matilda. Matilda somehow fell in love with a demon named Irwin (who also grew up with Escad and Matilda), who eventually began to drain her life energy. As a result, she aged rapidly as her life force started to decay. While Matilda had no problem with this, Escad was enraged by the actions of Irwin--he vowed revenge against the demon, despite pleas from Matilda to forgive and forget.

Thus began Escad's mission to kill Irwin. It was very difficult for him at first, because Irwin had the help of the faeries, who also hated the human race. Eventually Escad met up with a hero of legend whose name was lost in the passage of time, and he was able to achieve his goal after a long and hard fight.

Currently he is among the hero's comrades, assisting the hero in the daunting task of restoring order to the land.

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