Aron is a grandson of the mighty Orakian hero Rhys. Aron's is Nial, who is Rhys' son and therefore of Orakian blood, and his mother is Alair, the sister of the great Layan General, Lune. Therefore, Aron himself has both Orakian and Layan blood running through his veins.
The significance of this is that the Orakians and the Layans are actually two races that live in the space colony of Alisa III that happen to hate each other. The Orakians are a more technically advanced race, and they develop all sorts of robots and weapons; the Layans, while technologically inferior to the Orakians, possess mystical powers and have the ability to use magic. The racial conflicts began in the time of Aron's grandfather Rhys, when a Layan princess named Maia disappeared from her kingdom. She somehow ended up on the shores of Landen, an Orakian kingdom--when the Layans found out about this, they became enraged and immediately began waging war against the Orakians, thinking that they had abducted Maia. An entire war followed, and it took a threat of the utter destruction of Alisa III to get the Layans and the Orakians to unite and work toward a common goal.

At the helm of that movement was Aron--being half Orakian and half Layan, the people believed that he would not favor either one of the two races over the other. He is currently working to uncover and defeat the dark force that is threatening to destroy Alisa III.

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