Cloud Strife

Cloud is a former member of SOLDIER, the elite guard of the Shinra corporation in a distant land. Born in the rural town of Nibelheim, he grew up with a girl named Tifa; aside from that, he doesn't speak about his past. Perhaps it is because he simply doesn't remember it--however, there is also the chance that he has had a troubled past.

After an major event in Nibelheim which he only partially remembers, he left the ranks of SOLDIER and joined up with a rebel group called AVALANCHE, which is lead by a man named Barrett that has a gun on his arm. Together, along with Cloud's childhood friend Tifa and some other troops, they participated in guerilla activity against the evil Shinra Corporation. However, the President of Shinra executed a plan which caused the collapse of a massive support structure on the rebels' hideout, crushing most of them aside from Cloud, Barrett, Tifa, and a few select others.

Now Cloud leads his companions on a journey in search of a man named Sephiroth, a legendary member of SOLDIER having nearly omnipotent power. Cloud faintly remembers him, but knows that he is somehow tied in with his past...

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