Shamino is the legendary Ranger of the distant land of Britannia--in particular, he comes from Skara Brae, the town of Spirituality. A quiet man who feels most comfortable in the pristine silence of the deep forest; over time, he has mastered the art of combat with weapons and magic. He is at peace with himself and the environment, striving to perfect his soul.

Therefore, it should seem as no surprise that he has set out on an epic journey to master the virtues of Honesty, Compassion, Valour, Justice, Sacrifice, Honour, Spirituality, and Humility and claim the legendary title of "Avatar." Each of the virtues has a Rune and a Stone, which must be collected by the person who is to become the Avatar. Shamino is currently still on his journey, exploring towns in search of the eight Runes, and venturing through perilous dungeons to find the eight Stones. Once he becomes Avatar, he will be able to enter the cursed Abyss and retrieve the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, bringing the dark days of chaos to an end in Britannia.

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