Dekar is a mighty warrior from the distant region of Bound Kingdom, where he serves as the Prince's personal bodyguard. The Prince is known for being very confident about his abilities, even to the point of being brash; however, it is usually Dekar that saves the Prince from trouble. Wielding his powerful axe, Dekar is more than a match for any other warrior in the land.

One day, a henchman of the Sinistrals named Idura brought a fleet of monsters to Bound Kingdom in order to invade it--however, they were no match for Dekar. As Idura fleed, the Prince decided to follow him to a labyrinth north of Bound Castle; worried about the Prince's safety, the King of Bound asked Dekar to go after him and lend a hand. A visiting monster hunter named Maxim also went along to help.

After saving the Prince in the labyrinth, Dekar joined up with Maxim in his battle against the Sinistrals--in particular, Dekar wanted to settle the score with Idura. After a lot of journeying, Dekar finally defeated Idura...or so he thought. Idura's ghost came back to haunt Dekar, Maxim, and their companions with a little trap--a trap full of powerful monsters! Dekar created a diversion so that Maxim and the others could escape, but he did not escape from the trap himself. Apparently, Idura had the last laugh...

...or so he thought! After a long time, Dekar returned to support Maxim in his final battle against the Sinistrals--in fact, Dekar saved Maxim's plan by taking on the large group of monsters summoned by the Sinistrals to destroy Maxim's flying vessel, providing enough of a distraction for Maxim and his other companions to get to the small island in the sky for the final showdown...

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