Miklotov is a Knight that lives in the City-State of Jowston, and he is the former Captain of the Matilda Blue Knight Battalion. He gave his Knight's Oath to Lord Gorudo, the ruler of the State of Matilda, and served him loyally for some time. During this time, he became good friends with Camus, the Captain of the Red Knight Battalion of Matilda. While Camus was more of the calm and rational leader, Miklotov tended to be more emotional and impulsive, sometimes acting without considering the full consequences of his actions.

When the nearby Highland Kingdom began to invade the City-State of Jowston, Gorudo held his ground and ordered his Knights to do the same. As the invasion continued and more of the City-State fell to the Highland Kingdom, Miklotov became increasingly disillusioned with his lord due to his lack of action. The final straw came when Gorudo refused to allow his men to rescue some refugees from Muse which were being pursued by the Highlanders. Gorudo ordered his men to hold their ground at the Muse-Matilda border, forcing them to watch helplessly as the refugees were either slaughtered in front of them or taken back to Muse in chains.

Miklotov then heard a rumour that the Highlanders were planning to sacrifice the remaining refugees and other citizens of Muse. Disgusted by this, he went on a covert mission to investigate the happenings in Muse. After confirming the rumour, Miklotov returned to Matilda, only to find his lord furious at him; after Gorudo still refused to take action despite hearing about the atrocities being committed in Muse, Miklotov resigned from his position as Captain of the Blue Knight Battalion. Gorudo ordered Miklotov's friend Camus to arrest him, but Camus and about half of the other Matilda Knights resigned in disgust. They left to join the City-State in their fight against the Highland Kingdom. Currently, Miklotov is fighting to bring an end to the war and to protect the citizens of Jowston.

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