Camus is a Knight that lives in the City-State of Jowston, and he is the former Captain of the Matilda Red Knight Battalion. He gave his Knight's Oath to Lord Gorudo, the ruler of the State of Matilda, and served him loyally for some time.

However, it became fairly obvious that Gorudo's priorities were not the same as those of Camus and his fellow Knights after the nearby Highland Kingdom began to invade the City-State. Shortly after the invasion began the capital of the City-State, Muse, fell to the Highland soldiers because Gorudo refused to allow his Knights to get involved in the fighting. Even after the remaining States of South Window, Two River, and Tinto united to take on the Highland Army, all Gorudo could do was surrender to the Highlanders.

Camus did not remain at Gorudo's side for that long, however. His friend Miklotov had left in order to investigate a rumour that the citizens of Muse were being sacrificed to a monster. After Miklotov returned and shortly thereafter resigned from his position as Captain of the Matilda Blue Knight Battalion, Gorudo ordered Camus to arrest him. However, Camus also resigned from his position as Captain, and gathered about half of the forces of the Matilda Knights to join the City-State in their war against the Highlanders. He is currently fighting to end the war between Jowston and the Highland Kingdom.

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