Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine is a former member of the a central intelligence agency called the Turks--it is not exactly known why he left. He has quite a history with Shinra, the "mother" organization of the Turks. During his tenure with the Turks, he fell in love with a woman named Lucrecia--however, it was not meant to be. Lucrecia disappeared off of the face of the planet, and Vincent himself was betrayed by the Turks. They shot him, and set him up for some experiments lead by the lead genetic scientist of Shinra, Professor Hojo. Hojo really screwed up Vincent's genetics, turning Vincent into a bit of a freak of nature.

Vincent spent ten years sleeping deep underground a mansion in the town of Nibelheim, until he was disturbed by a soldier named Cloud. After some discussion about Shinra, Vincent joined Cloud and his comrades.

For a long time, that was it. Vincent assisted Cloud in his endeavours, and he later found Lucrecia, the woman he had fallen in love with so long ago. He found out that she too had been wronged by Hojo in much the same way as he had been; however, he found this out after she was already gone. Vowing revenge on Hojo, Vincent continued his travels with Cloud. During an invasion on Hojo's headquarters at a city called Midgar, Vincent met up with Hojo, who had even used his genetic experiments on himself in order to gain strength. Regardless of Hojo's extra strength, Vincent came out on top, only partially avenging the wrongs committed towards him and his love. However, he still remains in his freakish state...

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