Kain Highwind

Kain comes from a far away land, where he belongs to a legendary clan of Dragoons. As a Dragoon, Kain excelled in the use of swords and spears, wielding a powerful jump attack as well. He was assigned to work with the Dark Knight of the Kingdom of Baron, Cecil, on a special mission which involved delivering a package. The mission turned out to be a phony, as the package exploded into a burst of flames when Cecil and Kain reached the village of Mist, killing all of the legendary Callers except for one, a young child named Rydia. After the unintentional massacre a series of disasters struck, separating Kain from Cecil.

The next time Kain showed up, he seemed to be under some sort of hypnotic spell, as he attacked Cecil and took the Wind Crystal away from the kingdom of Fabul. He was also instrumental in capturing the Earth Crystal for his master, Golbez. At the Tower of Zot, Kain regains consciousness after the legendary Sage Tellah sacrifices his own life in an attempt to avenge his daughter's death at the command of Golbez. Kain rejoins Cecil and his party, and serves invaluably in the ensuing battle against Valvalis, the Fiend of Wind.

At that time it was thought that Golbez had all of the Sacred Crystals, but Kain revealed that there were four more to retrieve in the world underground. He accompanied Cecil and his companions down to the world of the Gnomes. It seemed as if the spell on Kain regained its hold, forcing Kain's loyalty to sway once again. Kain again turned on Cecil, making Cecil's quest even more difficult. There were essentially phases where Kain was under Golbez's spell and phases where he wasn't, and that continued for a long time.

However, it was eventually revealed that even Golbez was under someone's control, namely a lunar spirit named Zemus. Cecil broke the spell on Golbez and consequently Kain, and discovered that Golbez was actually his brother! Kain rejoined the party once again, and went on to help Cecil defeat Zemus and his re-incarnation, Zeromus.

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