Yushis is a high-ranked Angel that serves the gods that oversee the land of Zenobia; her sister Mizal was the Head Angel until she gave into temptation and fell in love with the Dark Mage Rashidi. Mizal betrayed the heavens by giving Rashidi the extremely powerful Black Diamond, which amplified Rashidi's dark powers a hundred fold. The gods were utterly livid over this, and Yushis made her descent to the planet in order to find and stop her sister from further helping Rashidi.

During her search for Mizal however, Yushis was caught and imprisoned in a temple in the Antalia region by a Necromancer named Omnicron. Eventually, the rebels stormed through the Antalia region--during this trip, they found and released Yushis. As an act of gratitude, Yushis made a contract with Destin Faroda, the leader of the rebels, stating that she would help them save the world from Rashidi and her sister.

The inevitable confrontation between Yushis and her sister Mizal took place at Valhalla Castle, a stronghold on the frozen tundra between the Kingdom of Zenobia and the Highlands. Yushis ended up defeating and killing her sister, setting her soul free to return to heaven once again. Yushis remained with the rebels until the very end, assisting in the defeat of Rashidi.

Afterwards, she became the new Head Angel, and it is believed that she became a god herself.

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