Brey is a powerful wizard of legend, who calls the far away kingdom of Santeem his home. Because of his wisdom, sense of honour, and loyalty, the King of Santeem appointed Brey to be the personal tutor of his daughter, Princess Alena. As time went on Brey and Alena became closer to each other, and Alena eventually started confiding some of her secrets in Brey. In particular, she mentioned her desire to get out of the castle and explore the world a bit; somewhat worried about this, Brey went and advised the King about the situation. Although the King's response was to forbid Alena from leaving the castle, she still managed to get away from the castle. Brey and Cristo, the Chancellor of Santeem, managed to catch up with her. Fearing for her safety, Brey and Cristo accompanied her on her journey for independence and adventure. Their travels eventually took them to the kingdom of Endor, where Alena won a legendary fighting tournament that is held there every year.

The triumph did not last long however, as Alena, Brey, and Cristo returned to Santeem to find all of its residents missing without a trace. Determined to answer the question of their whereabouts, Brey, Alena, and Cristo set off on a journey to find a man named Saro, who had mysteriously vanished from the last round of the tournament that Princess Alena won.

The group's travels came to a screeching halt when Cristo developed a serious illness near the port town of Mintos. Princess Alena went on a sub-quest to find the medicine to cure Cristo, and Brey stayed with Cristo and took care of him. Alena was unsuccessful at finding the medicine, but a stranger brought Cristo the medicine and saved his life. Ever so grateful, Brey, Alena, and Cristo joined the stranger's party on their mission to restore peace and safety to the world.

Brey, along with his companions finally confronted Saro, the man they had been looking for. However, Saro had used the powers of Esturk, the Ruler of Evil, along with the mysterious "Secret of Evolution" to evolve into a super-being called Necrosaro. Brey went on to be one of the eight Chosen Ones that defeated Necrosaro and saved the world.

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