Alena is the princess of a far away kingdom called Santeem, but she does not seem to act in a very "ladylike" way--she was always a sort of tomboy while she was growing up, and things have not changed a bit. Given that, it should seem clear that Alena was not content to sit around in Santeem Castle all day and act like royalty--she wanted to get out and go on an adventure. Upon hearing of this, her father expressly forbade it, ordering the guards of the castle to make sure she did not leave the castle. It is rumoured that Princess Alena kicked a hole through a wall in order to escape! She did not get very far before two of the King's top aides caught up to her. The aides were Cristo, the Chancellor of Santeem, and Brey, a powerful wizard who also happened to be Alena's personal tutor. She convinced them to accompany her on her quest for adventure.

Her adventures eventually took her to the neighbouring realm of Endor, where she entered a famous fighting tournament. She advanced to the finals of the tournament and was supposed to fight against the reigning champion, a man named Saro. Saro was nowhere to be found however, so Princess Alena was declared the winner by the King of Endor.

Alena's celebration was not overly long though, as she returned to her home castle of Santeem to find out that its inhabitants had vanished off the face of the planet. Determined to figure out what happened, Alena embarked on a journey with Cristo and Brey to find the mysterious man, Saro, who had mysteriously disappeared from the tournament.

Her travels took her to a port town called Mintos, where Cristo fell gravely ill and could not continue. Desperate for a cure, Alena began searching for the legendary Padequia Root, which was capable of curing any illness. She returned empty-handed, only to find that a kind stranger had been able to locate the medicine to save her comrade's life. Ever so grateful, Princess Alena and her companions joined the stranger's party and resumed their search for Saro.

Little did Alena (or anyone else) know that she would eventually cross paths with Saro, who had used the power of Esturk, the Ruler of Evil, to morph into a super-being called Necrosaro. Alena became one of the eight Chosen Ones to defeat Necrosaro and restore peace and safety to the world.

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