Cristo is the chancellor of a far away kingdom called Santeem; along with his governmental duties, he is also responsible for the day-to-day upbringing of Santeem's princess, Alena. When Princess Alena rebelled and decided to run away from home, Cristo was one of the King's men that stayed with the princess to protect her. Travelling all over the country, Princess Alena's party finally reached the bustling kingdom of Endor, where she won the legendary fighting tournament that is held there.

Her victory was short lived however, as she returned to Santeem with Cristo and her personal tutor Brey to find that everyone in her palace had vanished without a trace. Determined to find out what happened to the residents of Santeem Castle, Cristo, Alena, and Brey set out on a journey to find a mysterious character named Saro.

Their journey was going according to plan until Cristo fell seriously ill near the port town of Mintos. The expedition came to a screeching halt, as Princess Alena searched desperately for a cure for Cristo's life-threatening illness. Fortunately, some kind travelers returned with the medicine and saved Cristo's life.

Cristo, along with Princess Alena and Brey, joined those travelers on their quest to restore peace to the world. They eventually found Saro, the person they had been looking for; however, Saro had tapped into the powers of evil to become the ever-powerful Necrosaro. Cristo became one of the eight Chosen Ones of legend to vanquish Necrosaro.

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