Fuse is known for being a fighter--being only 24 years old, he has already mastered the art of combat with martial arts, swordsmanship, and guns. He is a leading officer of the IRPO Police Department, a huge organization that spans across multiple dimensions, monitoring and preventing crime. As a high-ranked IRPO officer Fuse possesses the legendary "Hand Blaster," a laser-type weapon of extremely high technology which can be used as a gun and a sword.

Most recently, Fuse has been given two assignments; the first is to investigate the happenings in a small town called Koorong, where illegal gang activity has been rumoured to be taking place. The second is to investigate the scientific laboratory in a town called Shrike, where it is believed that gruesome experiments on animals are taking place. As a side quest, he is leading an expedition through the icy mountains of the isolated Mosperiburg region to stop a Suzaku Phoenix from destroying the surrounding area.

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