Izlude Tingel

Izlude Tingel is the son of the leader of the Shrine Knights of Glabados, Vormav. Izlude's father taught him well, and he became a well-respected guardian of the Church along with his sister Meliadoul. For his efforts, he was rewarded with the "Pisces" Stone, making him one of the 12 New Zodiac Braves.

He assisted his father with collecting the 12 Zodiac Stones, and his search took him to Orbonne Monastery, where the "Virgo" Stone was rumoured to be. Izlude was accompanied by Wiegraf Folles, who had recently been appointed to the Shrine Knights and given the "Aries" Stone; the two of them were instrumental in obtaining the "Virgo" Stone. Ramza Beoulve showed up and tried to stop them--Izlude tried to persuade Ramza to join the Shrine Knights, but he refused to listen. A battle ensued, and Ramza forced Izlude to retreat; Wiegraf appeared and fought against the Beoulve while Izlude escaped with "Virgo" and Ramza's sister, Alma (who had been taken hostage).

Izlude accompanied his father Vormav to Riovanes Castle, where the "Scorpio" and "Taurus" Stones were said to be. During the meeting with Duke Barinten, the lord of Riovanes, Vormav became impatient with the situation and demanded that Barinten hand over the Stones. Barinten wanted to negotiate some sort of "deal" first; as a result, heat began to build between him and Vormav. Vormav made a threat, and Barinten called on his guards to keep Vormav under control. This prompted Vormav to use the power of the "Leo" Stone to change into Hashmalum, one of the monsters of Lucavi. Izlude realized what his father was about to do and tried to stop him, but Vormav slaughtered all of the Knights in the Castle including his son, Izlude.

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