Kletian Drowa

Kletian is one of the highest-ranking Shrine Knights of Glabados, along with his comrades, Rofel and Vormav. While most Shrine Knights trained extensively at swordsmanship, Kletian chose to focus on sorcery--training at the most elite academies, Kletian honed his talents to unmatched levels. He mastered the ary of sorcery, and is proficient with every type of magic. Kletian is a close friend to Rofel, and a loyal assistant to Vormav; besides Rofel, he is the only one who knows about Vormav's true intentions and goals.

Kletian helped Vormav in his mission to retrieve the Zodiac Stones, and went with him to the Murond Death City. After he heard that Rofel died at the hands of Ramza Beoulve, Kletian vowed revenge--however, he fell to Ramza's sword as well...

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