Rofel Wodring

Not much is known about Rofel, other than the fact that he is a loyal assistant of the leader of the Shrine Knights of Glabados, Vormav. Roughly speaking, he is Vormav's right-hand man, and is the only person besides his comrade Kletian that knows Vormav's true intentions. When Vormav decided to raid the High Priest's temple at Murond, it was Rofel's sword that ended the life of the 89 year-old High Priest, Marge Funeral.

It is also believed that Rofel has supernatural powers and incredible knowledge of Archaic Magic, even possessing the ability to create portals to other dimensions. It was through this power that Vormav was able to gain access to the Murond Death City, where he could revive St. Ajora, the Bloody Angel.

Ramza followed Vormav and his partners to the Orbonne Monastery in an attempt to rescue his sister, Alma. In the basement of the Monastery, Rofel engaged in battle with Ramza and lost; with his last breaths, he created a time-space warp to the Murond Death City and destroyed the means of returning to Ivalice, thereby trapping Ramza and his comrades in the Death City...

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