Meliadoul Tingel

Meliadoul is the daughter of the mighty Knight Vormav Tingel, and she is the only female Shrine Knight in the land of Ivalice. Fiercely loyal to her family, she and her brother Izlude assisted Vormav with his quest for the Zodiac Stones; High Priest Funeral rewarded her for her bravery and ability with the "Sagittarius" Stone. In other words, Meliadoul was to become one of the 12 New Zodiac Braves.

Things changed slightly after the apparent massacre at Riovanes Castle, where her brother Izlude died in battle. Meliadoul blamed Ramza Beoulve for Izlude's death, and vowed to do everything in her power to get revenge. She set an ambush for Ramza at the Bervenia Free City, but Ramza and his team overpowered her and forced her to retreat. Determined to avenge her brother, she gathered up more strength and went looking for the youngest Beoulve.

She was quite surprised when she found him though, as she noticed that he was fighting against the Marquis of Limberry Castle, Mesdoram Elmdor, who had just used the power of the "Gemini" Stone to change into Zalera, the Angel of Death. During the battle that ensued, Meliadoul learned from Zalera the truth behind Izlude's death--his body was not "suited" for the monsters of Lucavi to possess. Meliadoul joined forces with Ramza and defeated Zalera, sending him back to the dark side; afterwards, she joined Ramza to find out what happened to her father. She is currently fighting alongside Ramza, trying to right the wrongs that her father has committed.

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