Beowulf Kadmus

Being a Temple Knight of the Church of Glabados, it is Beowulf's responsibility to protect the Church from heathens. He was very loyal to the Church for a long time, and he became one of the highest-ranked and most respected Knights of the Church.

However, there was one problem--the High Priest of the Church of Glabados at the time, Priest Buremonda, was envious of the love that Beowulf and his lover Reis shared. Determined to break them up, Buremonda placed an ancient curse on Reis that changed her physical form into one of a Dragon. She didn't become just any Dragon, though--she became the Holy Dragon. Upon learning of Priest Buremonda's plan Beowulf was absolutely livid, and he quickly severed all ties to the Church of Glabados. Seeking a different lifestyle, Beowulf moved into the countryside and became a monster hunter.

Years passed, and Reis had vanished without a trace--Beowulf began searching for the Holy Dragon under the guise that he wanted a tough monster to kill. Eventually, a rumour came around saying that the Holy Dragon had been spotted in the mines of Goland Coal City, near the Lesalia Imperial Capital. Beowulf then headed to Lesalia, where he met Ramza Beoulve, who was going to check out the situation in the mines of Goland. The Temple Knight offered his services to Ramza, and they went to look for the Holy Dragon together.

They found Reis just in time, as she was under attack by a demon--with their combined efforts, they were able to save her and the Aquarius Stone. Beowulf eventually found a way to break the curse on Reis which involved the Cancer Stone. After a tough battle at an Island Temple, Beowulf was able to obtain the Cancer Stone and restore his lover Reis to her human form. Afterwards, Beowulf and Reis remained with Ramza, aiding him in his quest to save his sister.

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