Ragnar is the former captain of the Knights of Burland Castle, a kingdom in a far away land that has been forgotten by time. He is highly regarded by his fellow Knights as the most able and loyal servant of the King of Burland, and he is well respected by royalty and commoner alike. Whenever the King had an important mission for his Knights to carry out, Ragnar was always working on it a step ahead of everyone else.

One day, the children of Burland and nearby Izmit village began to disappear; from the townspeople's description, the children just flew away! More and more children were disappearing every day, and the King of Burland was becoming very concerned with the situation. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that Ragnar was chosen to lead the expedition to find the missing children. He searched all over the country of Burland, even discovering a hidden underground well that most people had forgotten of. Upon searching the well he ran into a monster named "Healie," who wished to become human; to become human, Healie had to fight alongside humans against the monsters. Ragnar allowed Healie to join the expedition.

The only place that Ragnar had not explored was a mysterious tower in Burland called the Pagoda Tower--he had not explored it because it was nearly impossible to reach on foot, being surrounded by a deep lake and steep cliffs. In the well however, Ragnar found a pair of winged shoes, and he used them to fly over the lake and mountains to the top of the tower. After meticulously searching the tower with Healie, he found the missing children, and he found a monster attacking them. The monster itself was a shadow of the mighty Saro, who was lord of the monsters, and it immediately attacked Ragnar and Healie. With Ragnar's strength and Healie's special skills as a Healer, the two were able to defeat Saro's Shadow and rescue the children.

Ragnar and Healie returned to Izmit Village and Burland Castle with the missing children, and they were immediately hailed as heroes. The King of Burland offered Ragnar a reward of his choosing, and he chose to be temporarily released of his duties as captain, so he could look for and protect the "Hero of Legend." The King allowed Ragnar to go on his noble quest, so Ragnar and Healie left Burland and travelled to a number of countries in search of the Hero.

Their travels eventually led them to the troubled kingdom of Keeleon. Healie had since become human, and Ragnar asked him to go and search for help, since the confrontation at Keeleon Castle was set to be a violent and dangerous one. Shortly after Healie left, Ragnar attempted to enter Keeleon alone, where he was promptly captured and was to be brought before the ruler of Keeleon, who was a monstrous lion-thing with four arms and four legs. As he was being escorted to the throne room, Ragnar suddenly attacked the soldiers, defeating them with ease; it was at this time when the "Hero of Legend" and his companions showed up, and they and Ragnar infiltrated the throne room together. Ragnar fought a fierce battle against the soldiers of Keeleon while the Hero and his companions battled and defeated the ruler of Keeleon. In both cases, good triumphed over evil.

After the events at Keeleon, Ragnar joined the Hero and his companions in their quest to save the land from the monsters, who were being lead on a path of destruction by their lord, Saro. Ragnar turned out to be one of the eight Chosen Ones of legend, who were to defeat the Ruler of Evil and save the world.

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