Dragon Fogel

Out of all the warriors in Zenobia, Fogel is without a doubt the strongest. Undefeated in combat, Fogel possesses an extraordinary amount of strength, skill, and stamina--his courage as a warrior is legendary. Of course, with power comes demons--inner demons. Fogel became increasingly arrogant, and began roaming the land in search of a "worthy opponent." Obviously, the gods did not look favorably upon this.

One day, Fogel traveled to the sky island of Shiguld in search of an opponent--it was here that he found one, but not a human opponent. He fought against the magical dragon Fahfniel, whose power was also legendary. The battle lasted for seven days, until Fogel finally won. However, it seemed afterward that he didn't really win anything at all--the gods confined him to the island of Shiguld, which had been severely damaged from his battle with Fahfniel. And worse yet, they placed a curse on Fogel, so that his appearance changed ever so slowly to reflect that of his last opponent--a dragon. It was not long before Fogel was obviously not human anymore, and he was not well-liked (although he WAS well-respected) among the inhabitants of Shiguld for what he did to their land.

After decades of suffering, Fogel appealed to the gods for help. Their response was to make him the first High Knight, with the goal of aiding the humans in their fight against the ogres during the Ogre Battle. Wielding the Dark Wind Sword "Zepyulos," he did just that; however, the curse that had been placed upon him remained.

Fogel was the last of the High Knights to fall under Rashidi's spell; however, he was also the last of the High Knights to be released from it. He put up quite a fight against the rebel army, but was eventually overcome--he joined the rebels and helped their cause greatly. After all has been said and done, he still remains in his half human-half dragon form--perhaps it is the gods' warning to Fogel to not repeat his past mistakes...

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