Slust the Red

Like Fenril, Slust the Red is one of the three High Knights who, along with the twelve White Wizards, saved the world from the ogres and the demons who were supporting them. Out of the three High Knights, Slust is the most happy-go-lucky, the least disciplined, and he is quite the ladies' man; because of this, there are some (particularly monks of the Roshian faith) who doubt that he should be one of the High Knights who represent the gods. Those people tend to be quickly silenced though, once Slust wields his blessed sword, "Zanzibar." A skilled and brave warrior, he has been able to defend the world and the gods' honor valiantly.

When the evil mage Rashidi began to gain influence, Slust was the first of the High Knights to fall under his spell. The change was almost instantaneous, as Slust began attacking the rebel army as soon as they arrived at Muspelm, the sky island where he resides. His fight against the rebels was long and hard, but the rebels finally defeated him, breaking the spell that Rashidi had cast on him. He then joined the rebels, and went on to play a significant part in the overthrow of the Zeteginean Empire. He has since returned to Muspelm, his home in the heavens, until his power should again be needed.

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