Cyan Garamond

Cyan is the former leader of the Doma Knight Brigade, faithfully serving the King and Kingdom of Doma for over twenty years. All of that changed, however, when the Vector Empire began to invade the land. At first the odds were even, and the battle between the Doma Knights and the Imperial Army had come to a complete standstill on the plains two miles east of Doma Castle. After a while Emperor Geshtal summoned General Leo (the leader of the Imperial Forces) away from the front lines, leaving his other servant Kefka to deal with the situation in Doma.

The honor and chivalry of General Leo and his style of leadership proved to be what had been preventing the Empire from taking over Doma in the first place; Kefka played by a different set of rules, poisoning the Domans' water supply, wiping out everyone except for Cyan. Cyan had just returned from a fierce battle, witnessing the deaths of his men, his lord, and his family; unable to bear this, he set off to attack the Imperial Army's camp--alone.

He fared quite well in his attack at first, but soon found himself vastly outnumbered; fortunately he came across Sabin Figaro, the brother of the King of Figaro, and formed an alliance with him. The two of them were able to escape, and caught up with King Edgar (Sabin's brother) and his companions, further bolstering the strength of the anti-imperialist group, the Returners. Along with the Returners, Cyan managed to foil a number of the Empire's attempts to gain power, and he even played a vital part in the final invasion of Vector (the headquarters of the Empire). He soon found himself negotiating a sort of peace treaty with Emperor Gestahl, with one of the conditions of that treaty being the life imprisonment of Kefka for his disgraceful actions.

The Empire would soon break the agreement, seeking to gain divine power in order to become even stronger. Gestahl released Kefka, but Kefka betrayed and killed him, taking the "divine power" all for himself. In a matter of hours, Kefka completely scarred the land with his power, and life began to fade away quickly...

The remaining forces of the Returners were scattered, but they eventually re-solidified themselves in a final attempt to put an end to Kefka's "Reign of Destruction." With his allies, Cyan is currently seeking to put an end to Kefka and avenge his fallen comrades.

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