Norn Blair

A scholar of ancient history, Norn is also a certified Roshian priest; she is a close friend of Rauny Vinzalf, and is the lover of Kaus Debonair, one of the four Devas of the Zeteginean Empire. Highly respected by her fellow scholars and priests, she is believed to be one of the wisest people in the land.

When Empress Endora and her Zeteginean Empire came and took over, Norn remained neutral in the conflicts--as a result, she was not harmed when the Empire took over. She also had connections through Debonair and Rauny, so she was allowed to retain her status even after Endora's forces took control. Ironically enough, it would be these very connections that would get Norn into trouble, as Rauny and Debonair both turned their backs on the Empire. On hearing a rumor that Norn had spoken with Rauny about joining the rebel forces, Empress Endora sent Norn to the troubled district of Diaspola as a punishment for her wavering loyalty.

Of course, it was around this time that the Empress had lost faith in General Debonair and sent him to the Kingdom of Zenobia to confront the rebels, who were gaining strength and momentum by the day. Debonair fought against the rebels and lost--somehow, the word got to Norn, and she was absolutely shocked when she heard it. Assuming that Debonair had fought to the death against the rebels, Norn quickly became bitter and vengeful, seeking to fight against the rebels and avenge her fallen lover instead of joining the rebels to overthrow the Empress. Endora sent some support to Diaspola for Norn, who attacked the rebels in full force when they arrived in the Diaspola region. The rebels eventually defeated Norn and her troops, however.

Facing defeat, Norn demanded that the rebels kill her so that she could be with her lover, Debonair; accompanied by Knight Ashe (the very man who defeated Debonair in combat), the leader of the rebels made it clear to Norn that Debonair was still alive. She then asked to join the rebels and have them help her find Debonair, who she felt was in danger (since he had returned to the Highlands to discover the truth). The rebels let her join; it was also around this time that Rauny joined the rebels, so she and Norn were reunited.

Norn found out that Debonair had been arrested by Endora and held captive on the Sky Island Shangrila, in the temple of Fellana, the goddess of justice; shortly after, the rebels stormed Shangrila, confronting Prince Gares and his forces. Norn, Rauny, and Prince Tristan took on Prince Gares, defeating him and releasing General Debonair from captivity. Along with her friends, Norn would go on to contribute significantly to the rebels' success at overthrowing the Zeteginean Empire.

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