Fenril of Ice

Legends of the "Ogre Battle" have been commonly told in Zenobia for eons. Essentially, the humans and ogres were at war with each other in an epic battle to determine which race would rule the world. The battle was long and hard, and after lasting hundreds of years, there was still no decisive victor.

In a move of seeming desperation, the ogres turned to the demons of the Underworld for assistance, promising their souls in return for victory. The lord of demons, Diablo, accepted the ogres' offer, giving them the Black Diamond as a token of their promise. With the demons' help, the ogres gained the upper hand rather quickly, wiping out a huge portion of the human race; it seemed as if victory was ensured for the ogres.

However, the gods above had sided with the humans, so all was not lost--the gods placed their trust and power in fifteen warriors, hopeful that they would be able to restore peace to Zenobia. The Sky Warriors (as they were called) consisted of twelve Priests and three High Knights; Fenril of Ice is one of those three Knights of legend.

The Sky Warriors were able to win many decisive battles against the demons and ogres, eventually winning the war and banishing them to the Underworld. Concerned about the lasting effects of power, Fellana, the goddess of justice had each of the Priests seal their powers in a magical stone. Together, the twelve stones are known as the Zodiac Stones (not to be confused with the Holy Stones of Ivalice), and they represent power beyond comprehension.

The humans were grateful at first for the help of the gods, but they soon forgot about how fortunate they were to be alive. Many of the cities became corrupted with an obsession with money and power, and most of the humans lost all loyalty to the gods. Furious with this, the gods decided to abandon the humans, allowing them to wipe themselves out with their selfishness and corruption; however, Fenril still had faith in the will of the human race. Against the order of the gods, she gave the humans her legendary sword, the "Brunhild," as a token of her faith for them. The gods were enraged by this action, and they banished Fenril to the frigid sky island of Organa, where she was to remain until a human worthy of wielding Brunhild came into the world.

Thousands of years later, Destin Faroda, the leader of the rebellion movement against the Zeteginean Empire, came forth and claimed the sword. The gods had been smiling upon him for a while, so they had no objection to his having Brunhild. Faroda made his way to Organa, in order to recruit Fenril into the rebellion movement. Fenril, however, had been put under a spell by the evil mage Rashidi, and she attacked the rebels, almost defeating them--fortunately, the rebels managed to break the spell on Fenril and recruit her into their troops. Fenril went on to help the rebels overthrow the Zeteginean Empire, and she was a vital ally of the rebels against Diablo, who Rashidi had summoned with his last breath. After defeating Diablo, Fenril and the other two High Knights returned to the Sky Islands, allowing the humans to start over and rebuild the glory of their land. As a token of trust (and with permission of the gods), Fenril left Brunhild with Destin and Tristan, in case they should ever need it.

Shortly after the new Kingdom of Zenobia emerged, the Roslolian Dark Knights of Lodis invaded Zenobia and stole the sword; as a result, Tristan sent his best men to the land of Valeria to retrieve Brunhild at all costs. And so Tactics Ogre begins...

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