Tristan Zenobia

Tristan is the son of the legendary King Gran, and is the only living member of the Zenobia Royal Family. The reason for this is because shortly after the Zeteginean Empire conquered the Kingdom of Zenobia, the Knight "Ashe" (who was later found to be Prince Gares) slaughtered the entire royal family except for Queen Floran, who was taken prisoner to Fort Shulamana.

All but Gran's youngest son Tristan, that is. Shortly before the Empire took over, one of Gran's servants, a nurse named Banya, took Tristan and fled from the kingdom. She returned with Tristan a while after, when she heard that the rebels were approaching Zenobia Castle to fight against General Debonair--she asked them to follow Tristan to Island Avalon, where he was fighting against incredible odds against Prince Gares. By the time the rebels reached Island Avalon, Tristan had already left, approaching the City of Malano and preparing to attack the castle of Baron Apros, a corrupted official who had betrayed his family.

So the rebels followed Tristan to Malano, and then met up with him at a small trading village called Bel 'Chelery. Tristan joined the rebels and led the attack on Apros' castle, killing Apros in hand-to-hand combat. The Prince of Zenobia then remained with the rebels and proceeded to invade the Highlands--it was during this invasion that Tristan learned of his mother being alive, held captive at Fort Shulamana by General Previa. Leading an impressive battalion, Tristan raided Fort Shulamana and defeated Previa, learning that the Deva had killed his mother just hours before the invasion. Armed with his sword, his mother's mystical armband, and an uncontrollable rage that burned in his heart, Tristan assisted the rebels in storming the northern part of the Highlands.

He would then go on to play a major part in the downfall of Endora and Rashidi, being one of the men at the helm of the restoration of peace and order to Zenobia. As the only legitimate heir to the Zenobian throne, he became the next king and married Rauny the Paladin, making her his queen. Together they ruled Zenobia very well, and the two of them were beloved by all. All was peaceful for a few years, until the Roslolian Dark Knights from the northern land of Lodis stole the legendary sword "Brunhild" from Zenobia. Extremely worried about this, King Tristan sent his five best men to the land of Valeria to retrieve the sword--those men were the Knights Lans Hamilton, Guildus Burn, and Mildain Walhorn, the prophet Warren Moons, and another veteran of the rebellion, Canopus Wolff. And so the Tactics Ogre Story begins...

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