Rauny Vinzalf

Rauny is the only child of the hero and Zenobian legend, Overlord Hikash; like her father, she lives in the chilly Highlands Kingdom of Xanadu (the same place where Sir Guildus comes from). Her mother died when she was very young, and caring for Rauny became Hikash's responsibility--therefore, it seems reasonable to expect that Rauny would live the life of a warrior. Hikash trained his daughter as a warrior, teaching her the importance of strength, technique, and loyalty.

A role model to all the women of the land of Zenobia, Rauny ascended the ranks to eventually become the one and only female Paladin. She is very intelligent, excelling in physical combat, her studies of magic, and of course, planning battle strategies. She is well-known and well-liked by all of the people in the Highlands region.

Around this time, Endora had taken her turn for the worse, and closely aligned herself with the evil mage, Rashidi. While General Hikash had made an oath to protect the Empress no matter what, Rauny had not made such an oath; soon after, she began expressing her dislike for the way Endora was running her empire. Hikash was outraged at his daughter's rebellion, and Endora soon sent her off to the city of Malano to be wed to the rich and corrupt Baron Apros.

At first Rauny didn't like Apros, but when she found out that he was responsible for the massacre in Pogrom Forest, she was absolutely livid (Apros and his men cornered some rebels in the Pogrom Forest, and set the forest on fire, killing all of the rebels--the souls of the rebels still wander around in the forest). She ran away from Apros and fled to the Valley of Kastro, which is a barren, desolate region with the exception of a river and a few towns by the river. Apros hired a mercenary to hunt her down and bring her back, alive or dead.

Apros did his best to catch Rauny, even spreading propaganda of her being a deadly half-scorpion, half-human assassin (in an attempt to obtain the assistance of those who lived in the area) Fortunately, she encountered the leaders of the rebellion movement at a temple in Kastro; she was able to defeat the mercenaries, and the truth then became known to all. Joining the rebellion, she returned to Malano and found Prince Tristan plotting to attack Apros' castle--she was only too happy to help Tristan kill the Baron and earn a major victory for the rebels.

She remained with the rebels after her triumph at Malano and accompanied them into the Highlands, where she confronted her father. He demanded to see her determination even though she did not want to fight him, and she defeated her father in combat. He died shortly after, and Rauny continued on to defeat the corrupted Empress Endora; shortly after, peace was restored to the land of Zenobia. She fell in love with Prince Tristan and they got married, making her the new queen of Zenobia--Tristan and Rauny brought the land into a new era, and the two of them are considered to be legends in Zenobia.

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