Vormav Tingel

Vormav Tingel is another one of the Knights to became famous for his acts of bravery during the Fifty Year War. He was known for being a very religious Knight who remained loyal to the Church of Glabados, despite the fact that the Church's influence and power had declined since the war. For his pious acts, he earned a lot of respect and trust from Marge Funeral, the High Priest of the Church of Glabados--it was not too long before Vormav gained the rank of "Paladin."

Vormav had a wife, who nobody knows much about--she died while giving birth to two children, a son named Izlude and a daughter named Meliadoul. After his wife's death, Vormav was left to raise his two children alone--High Priest Funeral and the Church helped him greatly with that task. Simply put, Izlude and Meliadoul received a basic education from the Church; when they finished, they both became Holy Knights of the Church just as their father had. Izlude and Meliadoul served their father and their Church well, gaining even more respect and trust for the Tingel family.

Because of the increase in the status of the Tingel family, Funeral appointed Vormav and his children as the leaders of the Church's expedition to recover the twelve Holy Stones of the Zodiac. They were successful in recovering nine of the twelve Stones, and they were rewarded accordingly by being appointed to the "New Zodiac Braves." Izlude received the "Pisces" stone, Meliadoul was given the "Sagittarius" stone, and Vormav received the "Leo" stone.

As time passed, Vormav began to change drastically as a result of possessing the "Leo" stone; he became more cold and ruthless, and seemed to become obsessed with gaining the true power of the Zodiac Stones. He ended up joining three other Shrine Knights in a quest to obtain the remaining Zodiac Stones at any cost. Those three Knights were Rofel Wodring, Kletian Drowa, and Wiegraf Folles; Rofel was a personal favorite of the High Priest because of his battle skills and loyalty to the Church, Kletian was a Knight who was respected for his loyalty and his tremendous magical ability, and Wiegraf had recently joined the ranks of the Glabados Shrine Knights after the Death Corps had been wiped out by the Hokuten Army.

Vormav, Rofel, Kletian, and Wiegraf managed to gain even more power together than any of them had been able to acquire before--they formed alliances with Alphons Draclau (Cardinal of Glabados and lord of Lionel Castle), Dycedarg Beoulve (the lord of Igros Castle), Balk Fenzol (a technically skilled Knight who was blacklisted after the Fifty Year War), and Mesdoram Elmdor (the Marquis of Ivalice and lord of Limberry Castle). The alliance grew even stronger, but Izlude and Meliadoul were not allowed to join it. Vormav's violent nature peaked during an incident at Riovanes Castle, where he used the power of the "Leo" stone to unite with the soul of a monster named Hashmalum, who had the power of Dimensional Magic at his disposal. Vormav went on a rampage, slaughtering every Riovanes Knight present; realizing that evil had overcome the soul of his father, Izlude, who was also present at Riovanes, tried to stop his father. Unfortunately, Izlude became yet another victim to Vormav's rampage.

Shortly after Vormav had killed Izlude he encountered Alma Beoulve, who had been held prisoner by Wiegraf; he was just about to kill her when the "Virgo" stone began to react, signaling that Alma was the "chosen body" for St. Ajora to resurrect in. He took Alma captive, and sought out the Murond Death City, where the resurrection could take place. He eventually betrayed High Priest Funeral, killing him in an attempt to find out the location of the Death City--Rofel was able to use Archaic Phase Magic to determine its location, and he, Vormav, and Kletian headed there along with Alma (Wiegraf had been killed by Alma's brother Ramza during the Riovanes incident) Ramza, Meliadoul, and some other comrades followed them to the Death City, where Meliadoul confronted and defeated her father in a battle at the Graveyard of Airships. Vormav immediately killed himself in an attempt to shed enough blood to resurrect St. Ajora, the "Bloody Angel;" shortly after, Ramza, Meliadoul, and their comrades defeated Ajora as well, ending another chapter in the Zodiac Brave Story.

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