Kaus Debonair

Kaus Debonair was the fourth and final Knight to be appointed to the Four Devas by Empress Endora. Debonair's appointment to the Four Devas was somewhat unusual because he did not come from a rich and powerful family like the other Devas did. Ralph Figaro was his childhood friend, and it has been argued that he was appointed to the Devas because of his connections with Figaro.

While being a great all-around warrior, Debonair is most known for his extremely rigid moral standards. One time, a merchant tried to bribe Debonair in an attempt to get exclusive trading rights on a certain private road. Not only did Debonair refuse the bribe, he also had the merchant imprisoned! Needless to say, while Debonair was very well respected, he was not well liked by many people.

He was, however, held in very high regard by the people of the Zenobian region because of his strong committment, dedication, and morals. Empress Endora eventually tried to tighten the reign on the Kingdom of Zenobia, and it is rumored that Debonair was demoted to "babysit" the Kingdom of Zenobia because he refused to go along with the Empress' plans.

Despite the fact that he had been demoted, Debonair still performed his job very well, and he confronted the rebels at Zenobia Castle when they were attempting to liberate the Kingdom of Zenobia. He fought against the Knight Ashe, who he had imprisoned for slaughtering the Zenobian royal family (even though that was proven to be untrue later). He lost the battle to Ashe and the rebels, but he did not fight to the death like the other Devas would later do. He reportedly said that he made an oath to give his life for his Empress, but Endora was no longer his Empress because she had become an evil "impostor." Destin Faroda, the leader of the rebels, told Debonair about the plans of Endora and Rashidi--Debonair went back to the Highlands to find out if what Destin had said was true.

When he returned to the Highlands, Endora was not very pleased with him; due to a suggestion from Rashidi, she imprisoned him in the Sky Island Temple of Shangrila, where the Goddess of Justice (Fellana) was said to reside. Endora also sent her corrupted son Gares to watch over Debonair while he was imprisoned. The rebellion movement also took to the sky though, and the rebels eventually liberated Shangrila from the Empire's control. The rebels rescued Debonair, and he was reunited with Norn, his lover who had since joined the rebellion--as a result, he also joined the rebellion.

Eventually, he confronted his fellow Devas and defeated them in battle; he beat Figaro and Luvalon on his own, and teamed up with Prince Tristan to defeat Previa. General Debonair would become a major player in the rebellion movement, contributing significantly to the defeat of the Zeteginean Empire. After peace was restored to Zenobia, Debonair joined Destin on his quest to restore peace to the northern country of Palatinea, fighting against the Holy Lodis Empire.

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