Colin Figaro

General Figaro was the third Knight to be appointed to the Four Devas; he was chosen particularly because of his military genius. It was because of his strategies that the Empire was able to cut off the Zenobians' supply source by capturing the Kalbian Peninsula. For his merits, Empress Endora entrusted the magical sword "Durandal" to him; he was also sent to the Kalbian Peninsula to ensure that the Empire's order was maintained.

As time passed, Figaro became discontent with the actions of the Empress, who by this time was under the influence of the Dark Mage, Rashidi. One of those actions was the demotion of General Debonair, who was his best friend. Although he didn't like or agree with Endora's actions, he remained loyal to her even after Debonair had joined the rebels. It seemed like a confrontation between Debonair and Figaro was inevitable...

And eventually, that confrontation took place--the rebels swarmed the Kalbian Peninsula in an attempt to liberate it from the Zeteginean Empire. Debonair confronted Figaro and implored him to rethink his ways, especially since he was also against Endora's actions. Figaro remained loyal to the Empress because of the oath that he had taken when he was appointed to the Four Devas--he ended up fighting and losing a duel against Debonair. With his last breaths, he apologized to Debonair, entrusted the sword "Durandal" to him, and asked him to stop the Empress from following the path of evil, even if it meant killing her...

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