Dennis Luvalon

General Luvalon is most known for his incredible strength and stamina, which were augmented by bathing Luvalon in Dragon's Blood when he was a baby. A northern legend claims that Luvalon's one and only weakness is fire, but that claim has yet to be proved. Out of the four Devas, Luvalon is the strongest physically, and he is said to be the best warrior (fighter) out of the four. He wields the mythical and enchanted sword, "Bizen."

Because of his abilities as a warrior, it should be of no surprise that he was the second Knight to be promoted to the Four Devas. Though he was a mighty warrior like Previa, he was not an aggressive military leader; he took on more of a "guardian" role, and he was eventually paired up with the corrupted monk Randals. Their relationship was not so great, because Randals basically sat back and reaped the benefits of Luvalon's bravery and ability.

Empress Endora saw this, and eventually distanced Luvalon away from Randals. Because there were no crucial tasks for him to take care of, Endora assigned him the responsibility of tracking down the Holy Grail, a mythical artifact that had been lost since the time of King Gran (before the Zeteginean Empire's reign). The Grail is a priceless artifact to possess, because it calms the heart of whoever looks at it; Endora wanted to use the Grail to unite the Empire, as King Gran had done with the Kingdom of Zenobia when he was alive and in power. Luvalon's search was very effective, and it lead him to the Shrine of Kulyn in the northwestern part of the Zenobia region. He encountered the rebels at the Shrine, and he lost in a battle against General Debonair. Dying as a true warrior, he entrusted his sword "Bizen" to Debonair, saying that it was a pleasure to fight such a fine warrior.

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