Alfin Previa

General Previa is one of Empress Endora's elite guardians (commonly known as the Devas). He was the first Knight to be promoted to this position of honor, as he excels at both swordsmanship and the craft of magic. Another possible reason for his promotion could be traced to the fact that the Previa family has a lot of power and influence in the Highlands. Regardless of the reason of his promotion, he quickly established himself as one of the most effective military leaders on the continent of Zenobia--his troops conquered virtually the entire Ofays region within a matter of days.

Because of his military prowess and his loyalty to the queen, Previa gained a lot of power and influence within the growing Zeteginean Empire, and he was ultimately placed in charge of watching over the Zenobian Queen Floran, who was imprisoned at Fort Shulamana, which is near the border between the Ofays and Highlands regions. Also, as a token of faith, Empress Endora had the Mage Rashidi endow Previa with tremendous magical powers (primarily in the black arts), making him the most powerful magic-wielding Knight on the continent!

However, as Previa was endowed with the power, his soul was lost to the dark side just as Endora's and Rashidi's souls had been. He changed rather quickly, also gaining a reputation for being ruthless towards the opponents of the Zeteginean Empire. When the rebellion movement approached the Highlands, Previa took Queen Floran hostage at Fort Shulamana. As Floran's son Tristan lead the rebels to Fort Shulamana for a major battle, Previa killed the Zenobian Queen. This action enraged Tristan, and Tristan fought against Previa, killing the once honorable Knight.

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