Before the reign of the Zeteginean Empire in the land of Zenobia, Ashe was the lead Knight responsible for protecting the Zenobian Royal Family. However, shortly after Empress Endora's army conquered Zenobia, Ashe apparently turned on the royal family, slaughtering the entire family except for the youngest son Tristan, who had been taken away from the Kingdom of Zenobia by a nurse named Banya.

Absolutely irate by this inhuman act, General Debonair, who happened to be one of the Empress' protectors, imprisoned Ashe in the prison of By' Roit, which is located in the northeastern mountains of the Kingdom of Zenobia. Ten years passed before the rebellion movement began; by that time, Ashe had simply been left to die at By 'Roit. However, the rebels liberated By 'Roit and allowed Ashe to join them in their fight to drive away the Zeteginean Empire.

It was later revealed that Ashe was not responsible for slaughtering the Zenobian royal family--it had actually been the corrupted Prince Gares (of the Highlands) who had committed the crime, using black magic to disguise himself as Ashe. Since joining the rebellion movement Ashe has let the past go, and he has dedicated the remaining years of his life to avenging the Zenobian royal family's death and restoring peace and freedom to the Kingdom of Zenobia.

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