Hikash Vinzalf

General Hikash is one of the most famous leaders in Zenobian history. A honorable man, Hikash is a well known, well respected, and feared warrior on the battlefield--he fought on the front lines against the Kingdom of Lodis when it tried to invade Zenobia. Due to the fact that many of the top Knights of Lodis feared the wrath of Hikash, King Saldian of Lodis signed a peace treaty with King Gran, the ruler of Zenobia at that time.

It is important to note that the land of Zenobia is actually divided into three regions, just like Valeria. The Main Zenobia region, sometimes called the Sharom Region, consists of the eastern part of the continent. The Kingdom of Zenobia, where King Gran and King Saldian signed the peace treaty, is located in this region. The Ofays region consists of much of the southern part of the continent, including the impregnable fortress Allamoot, and the Dalmuhd Desert, where Mildain, the White Knight, is from. The northwestern part of the continent is the Kingdom of Zeteginea, otherwise known as the Highlands. Much of this region is covered with ice year-round, and it is from this region that General Hikash, Guildus, the White Knight, and the noble Paladins come.

Shortly after Gran and Saldian signed the peace treaty, Empress Endora, the ruler of Zeteginea, began to send her troops on a conquest, thus creating the Zeteginean Empire. Being influenced and supported by the evil mage Rashidi, Endora soon had almost the entire continent under her control. The only part of the continent that she did not conquer was the smaller Kingdom of Sharom, where a resistance movement was being built up against her. Hikash was promoted from a General to an Overlord, and he essentially became Endora's personal bodyguard. The only problem with this was that Hikash was one of the few Highland warriors that had not sold his soul--he knew that supporting the Empress was wrong, but he had made an oath to serve her for life, during the good times as well as the bad times. He stuck by his oath and fought until the bitter end, when he was defeated by the resistance movement, which his daughter Rauny had since joined.

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