Wiegraf Folles

Wiegraf is a veteran of the Fifty Year War, where he fought bravely for the side of Ivalice. The war created a sort of equality among the people of Ivalice, as commoner and noble united to drive the enemy out of Ivalice; that equality disappeared shortly after the war ended however, as the commoner-noble hierarchy was quickly re-established. Wiegraf and his comrades were discharged from the military and given no compensation for the blood they had shed. This infuriated many of the commoners who had served in the war--as a result, many of them became criminals and thieves, pillaging towns and raping women. Wiegraf however, refused to stoop to such levels, so he and some of his comrades formed the "Death Corps," a group to fight against the nobles and reclaim the commoners' basic rights. The aristocrats managed to use the media as a weapon against the Death Corps, depicting them to the public as nothing more than a terrorist group. About a year later, the Death Corps were disbanded by the nobles after the disaster at Fort Zeakden.

Wiegraf, however, was not willing to succumb to the nobles' oppression. He found a new set of allies among the Temple Knights of the Church of Glabados. Joining their ranks, Wiegraf became one of the new Zodiac Braves, and the High Priest gave him the Zodiac Stone, "Aries." For a while, Wiegraf loyally served the Church, accompanying the Shrine Knights Vormav and Izlude on their journey to collect the lost Zodiac Stones. Eventually, Wiegraf encountered Ramza and his troops at Orbonne Monastery while he was on a mission to retrieve the Holy Stone "Virgo." During the battle, he was slain by Ramza. As he was dying, the "Aries" stone began to speak to him, promising him eternal life and power if he only allowed the stone to work its magic. Lacking other options, Wiegraf agreed to the stone's terms, allowing his soul to merge with Velius, the spirit of the Devil Warlock.

It was official--Wiegraf had sacrificed his soul to gain the power to achieve his goals. The only problem was that Wiegraf's goals changed, because Wiegraf himself changed rapidly and radically over the following days. While Wiegraf's previous goals had been to avenge his sister's death at the hands of the nobles and to take back the rights that he and his fellow commoners had been deprived of under the nobles' rule, he lost sight of those goals, and instead dedicated himself to reviving Ajora, the "Bloody Angel." His new quest led him to Riovanes Castle, to retrieve the "Scorpio" and "Taurus" stones from the Arch Duke. However, a misunderstanding led to the utter massacre of the entire Riovanes Knight Battalion at the hands of Wiegraf and Vormav, as well as the death of Vormav's son, Izlude, whose soul had been deemed "too pure" to house one of the Zodiac Monsters' spirits. Wiegraf confronted Ramza as well, but Ramza defeated him, banishing Velius to another dimension and releasing Wiegraf's soul from its bondage.

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