Saradin Carm

Saradin is the elder of the Balmoria region in Zenobia, quite possibly one of the most revered leaders in Zenobian history. Although he is a high-level sorcerer with remarkable powers, he practices and preaches very high moral principles. Despite the fact that he is capable of mastering the black arts, Saradin limits his own power and encourages other magicians to do the same. Before he became the leader of the Balmoria region, he trained under the mighty mage, Rashidi; at that time, Rashidi had three disciples--Saradin, Kapella, and Albeleo. Kapella and Albeleo followed Rashidi over to the side of evil after the kingdom of Zenobia fell and the Zeteginean Empire was formed. Saradin however, refused to embrace such evil power, and he turned on his former allies, only to be turned to stone by Albeleo shortly after. Saradin remained in his petrified state for over twenty years before he was restored to life by the legendary hero, Destin Faroda. Saradin allied himself with Faroda's troops, and is currently fighting to stop his former allies from destroying heaven and earth in their search for ultimate power.

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